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  • It's bad enough that they took out online seasons, but there arent even Leaderboards anymore!! Like, really EA?!? There is literally no purpose to playing this mode anymore, unless you just want to mindlessly grind out Squad Battles games against …
  • the link to the video is between the two photos please take a look at this devs it's ridiculous
  • I love how everyone always disagrees with the op, only to continue debating about all the issues that were already addressed... Once again: show the latency/ms before game start. Take out the first faceoff quit. Thank you
  • No. Its never going to happen. Theres barely enough player retention on console. What do you think the pc player base is going to look like??? Game would be dead on arrival. There EA I answered this one for you
  • Yea no NHL 2K means no competition so the fact that they re release this "carbon copy" of a game that we all pay for every year is just free and easy money for EA.
  • Again, this information should be displayed BEFORE the game starts.... Its going to be 2020. We're at the pinnacle of modern gaming. Its unacceptable that EA cant streamline things like this so that its money paying customers have to deal with ann…
  • It used to be that both opponents would enter the lobby and it would show the connection speed so if it was yellow or red you could back out before readying up and starting the game... The problem was that everybody complained for the same issue th…
  • Im going to disagree I think EA just needs to remove this mode entirely considering the low volume of traffic and inability to monetize features as effectively as hut. The lobbies are toxic and nobody buys the game to play chel. But hey squad bat…
  • "Good team based gameplay" doesnt apply to the regular Top 100 hut players who exploit how overpowered puck possession is in this franchise... Theres just literally nothing you can do defensively against players that bully you with unrealistic "pu…
  • No. Unfortunately the "go-to" goals still work, And thats why everyone does them... What im talking about is when you are puck handling and cycling appropriately and actually beat the human player on defense , the goalie will always just smack the …
  • Ok have fun getting poked by AI goalies because of how "easy" the game is for you... Please.
  • The best is when your AI d-man comes barreling into the net full-speed and knocking the puck into your own goal... Why does THAT still happen?
  • Ok, but you dont think playing 36+ games a week against the computer is at all tedious?! Why cant they make it so that you still get the same rewards for playing like half the games?! The elite and top 100 guys are always going to be elite and top…
  • Thank You Moarty! Can somebody else please agree that playing 36+ games a week against the computer is beyond ridiculous?!
  • Yea and now youre going to cash out allot sooner because everyone that has the time to grind out these 36 games a week are going to rake in all these coin and pack bonuses and completely dominate when you play them online. People are not seeing the…
  • Its soo bad like the loose puck will literally just be gliding by while your ai defender is just standing there watching while youre trying to just shove past him to get to it. 'Good' players use this to their advantage too by just zigzagging into …
  • Because now the game is too busy showing off replays every two seconds....No time for actual gameplay!
  • Seriously, why does nobody have a problem with this?! Right now you have to play 36 games a week against the computer. Why is this good? Id be alright with 2 new opponents every Mon/Wed/Fri and 4 on weekends but apparently im an idiot and nobody …
  • Im guessing Its just a stat thats built into the engine of the game, regardless of what mode youre playing. Offensive awareness only affects cpu players and it would only come into play in EASHL if you were to drop out of a game and the ai takes ov…
  • People are not understanding ...im not saying get rid of squad battles all together. All im asking is: Does it have to be 4 full games? everyday? And 8 on Saturday and Sunday??? Its going to get old real quick AND just wait until you have to star…

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