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  • Okay so I have a LOT of ideas : -First roster sharing is the most important thing, it needs to be in cuz it will open so many potential that I will list below -A more complete create a team customization like mlb the show or nba 2k. Where you can import logos, customize literally everything about the teams uniform, create…
  • I know right it's ridiculous! And I don't work for EA lol
  • I so agree with you. Someone else should start developping another hockey game and EA Sports would be complety screwed. One of the things that annoyed me the most about NHL 19 is that the game is not customizable at all and no roster sharing pissed me of. Please someone start developping a good hockey game we NEED one, i'm…
  • An issue that I found is that you cannot apply a number to a player that the team have retired their number. For example, I created Wayne Gretzky and moved him to Edmonton but if I want to play with him in Play now mode I cannot assign him the number 99. I know that in Franchise and Season mode you can uncheck a setting…
  • I literally check every day if there's any news on this. Come on EA wake up
  • I know they didn't have Vegas in NHL 17, but it would be nice if they added an option to add Seattle by the start of the 2021-22 season. Right now you can add a 32nd team but only at the start of the Franchise Mode, but you can't choose which season you want them to join the league. They do not need any licence since the…
  • Roster sharing please
  • How cool would it be if they only added a roster sharing feature so people in the community could create tons of old players or rookies not in the game (ex: Jack Hughes) for us to download and put them where ever we want and use them in franchise/season mode. This feature should be in the game by now. But it's ea what can…
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