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  • For anyone that doesn't understand gamedev, I'm sure they didn't make the decision to not do crossplay lightly. It's not as if they said nah, our playerbase dont need or want it. It's a way more indepth discussion over many meetings. And for one reason or another they had to not prioritize it. Sucks, but thats how it goes.
  • The children would come over to the hardcore game just to troll.
  • If you don't see how this comment is racist then you're part of the problem my dude. Maybe it's white kids using those avatars, maybe it's not. Point is - anybody can have any hair color they want (It's called dying your hair), whether its natural or not isn't the debate. Look at Dennis Rodman. Chris Brown. You trying to…
  • Honestly, restricting players to have a certain haircolor to fit in a stereotypical mold of what you think that race should look like...is racist itself. Anybody can dye their hair any color. If there are white player models who can't use certain hair colors, that's another issue - but not race related. And what's the #69…
  • I'd welcome a PC community if modding was able to take place for offline. I know it's not the same, but games like Skyrim for instance have received an incredible amount of QOL mods over its lifetime.
  • I've ignored franchise mode for the past handful of years. I'm going to jump in and try to enjoy it. Probably play BAP for the first time in 10 years just to see what the new stuff is about.
  • Nah I would say they're much more open over at the studio. I've just learned customers (maybe gamers is a better term, unless you've ever worked in customer service) think they know what they want, until they get it. Yeah, it's the only hockey option available. Hence why it's the same people buying the game every year. The…
  • No offense, but you don't have their sales numbers so you have no idea if they were declining or growing. I can say when I was in the offices a few years ago, they presented their actual sales numbers each year. They certainly weren't declining; if anything they were stagnant. The same people buy the game every year. If…
  • If you ever get a bad connection, you'll never be able to pull it off properly.
  • Agreed. When I first heard it I wasn't sure if I had an ad up on my other monitor or something. Was not a fan.
  • I honestly believe if all those things were fixed and or adjusted, we'd still be given loads of people posting that it's the same game. So I'll need to respectfully disagree.
  • They want a revolutionary addition every year. The analogs moving your hockey stick. EASHL. HUT. To be fair, it's been a while since something brand new really stuck and wow'd everyone.
  • It's apparently an error they didn't know about
  • I don't think it's going to happen unless they change their dev production cycle. 7-9 months is not enough time to make a brand new game. That's why every game feels the same. Even CoD rotates between 2-3 studios each year. And THOSE still can feel similar if it wasn't for the drastic changes in settings and time periods…
  • You kind of have to re-learn how to poke check because it's much more punishing now. Otherwise, try throwing it on rookie and then seeing how things go, and move up the difficulty when you feel it gets too easy.
  • NHL 15 was on both consoles. The Next Gen version didn't have a lot of the features, and infamously left out EASHL.
  • A lot of it also depends on your positioning and stride.
  • I could've sworn the central server was Texas based. I know the traditional eastern server is in Virginia. I thought they opened a new one up in Quebec too.
  • I knew him and we played a bit together a few years back in LG and outside of it. He was close with a lot of guys in the NHL community. We weren't close outside of NHL but I never seen anyone write or say anything negative about him. It was all so sudden too. Just the other week he was excited about starting up his LG…

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