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  • I suport the bold section fully... you have no idea how much it bothers me that my pads in Be a Pro will match my Home jerseys but be so out of wack for my Away jerseys...
  • honestly ive played a few online games... there seems to be a sync issue (see video above) that hass happened in the majority of the games ive played, sure it will be fixed in the next patch. other than that ive been having fun with it. Now ive been mostly playing Be a Pro and i can say for once ive been having alot of fun…
  • I play Defense in real hockey. and i play with high emotion. I can say 100% that if a player ever ran my goalie they way they do in this game.... lets just say id be on time out for 5 minutes.
  • I enjoy it when i lose to people who play actual hockey as well which is very rare. Hard to enjoy a video game thats marketed as a hockey sim when people exploit the same play over and over because its unrealistic and broken. all you have to do to not constantly try that play is be a decent human being.
  • Wait someones complaining they call it to much? Im sorry but im sick of players constantly running my goalie and getting away with it. It needs to be called WAY more.
  • Member the old days when people played a game to have fun and didnt need a progression system to keep playing? I Member. seriously the only argument i even see against the new system is; Oh theres no more progression so i dont get a sense of achievement.... well atleast the only one thats even worth talking about other…
  • you know i believe your on to something. they should just have them all around 85 overall. that Excel in one area, okay in some and **** in others so that way it kind of builds that.. rock,paper, Scissors effect.
  • your better off just never playing with AI than hoping it gets fixxed because lets be real here..... they make choices with the puck that i dont even see bantam teams do because they know its not gonna do anything.
  • I used to think the same.... but i have more fun in drops now simply because i know what to expect. i dont have the biggest club so its frustrating that when we do decie to play club we never know what compies we will get. they are either complete trash or god like theres no inbetween. in turn that makes drops more fun…
  • the problem with this is it really shouldn't be like that. some people, myself included, just like playing with a few close friends. witch sucks because the AI just never pulls their weight. Countless times ill pass to them than ill go to skate past a couple people only to recive it back .5 seconds later while im in a…
  • yes it may be frustrating, but really when you think about it its not all that bad. the only thing i never understood about the current system is that there is no way to bring you discipline up. your stuck with whats given and have it slowly decline..... they severly messed up in that aspect because players always get more…
  • i think the current progression system is fine, I like how your skater gets better win the ability you use most on the ice, dont hit much well your hittings gonna suck. Not much of a shot blocker? dont epect a goos shotblocking stat. Really good at scoring? accuracy will climb same with shot power. there current system is…
  • I miss the pre game animations in BAP. Used to get right into the "roleplay" aspect of it. Walking down the tunnel with your team onto the ice for warmups doing a couple laps.... Never ever skipped it because it got me more into my player. That being said. they really need to redo that mode.... well i mean they already did…
  • i only choose Toronto.... dont see the point in playing vs if your not gonna use your favorite team.... js
  • Im more amazed at the defense who play forward.... i mean theres no excuse for it this year you choose your position before you even load into a game now... so why even choose D if your not gonna play d?
  • i support this message.... i wont lie. if you play the trap and dont forcheck at all when i have the lead, damn right im gonna sit and do nothing, why would i try to force a play when i dont have to? Im in the lead your the one who has to score not me
  • I agree with this completely, extrmley realistic. Toronto still has to play teams like the Pens/Hawks ETC even though there not as good. sometimes you just face a team whos better than you. it happens.
  • One of the main things id like to see and have wanted personally for years, is some sort of ability to control your stick defensively. Nothing major just as someone who played D almost exclusively id like to have the ability to manual put my stick in passing lanes instead of having to move my body in the lane witch opens…
  • the thing is i do this even if the score is 0-0, so i have never once considered it ragging. Its rare i have to do it that much, usually its just a kick back across to the otherside up the boards for the easy entry just there are the odd times you have to try more than once. Also this being said i dont go back into my own…
  • Saying stuff like that leads to AI doing all the work and users taking the easy route and not playing it themselves. While i agree position ally they should be smart, Anything more than that is trash in a game mode that allows you to control your whole team because it than promotes what we have now like the skill zone and…
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