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  • im all for sharing thoughts but saying strategy's dont belong in a very strategic game like almost every sport out there is ridiculous to say the least
  • you know this trolling is kind of pointless. Im not complaining about people using the strategy's given to them im complaining about how overpowered said strategy's are If this isnt an attempt a trolling and your actually being 100% serious. please never ever have any input on a sports game ever.
  • see i dont mind that at all, thats situational hockey. Thats exactly how it should be played. If your up 2-0 in the third or 3-0 in the third i fully expect the trap. my frustration is with people who will play the trap from the drop of the puck. And these same people also will never pressure you if you decide to sit in…
  • were did i once say i didn't use these techniques and were once did i say i couldn't beat them? Please Show me were such was said. All ive said is it is a simple exploit because in a game mode where you should be forced too play defense manually people are exploiting **** so they dont have to actually play defense. Also…
  • the problem is the main counter for it is extremely flawed. see above posts for reasons as to why.
  • Also the problem with the board pin is it dosent always work. i never try to just hit from behind if i see a defender i go for the board pin. the problem with this is i anticapte it and will hit and hold y while going into the boards and id say its about a 50-50 weather or not my guy will actually pin him or just bounce…
  • im aware of the counter. this post isnt about me saying its not beatable. its about saying how overpowered this technique is. Ontop of that ive played games that i have litterly sat at my blue line, waiting for them to forcheck and they just wont. they chose 1-4 set to trap and take the 1 for checker and sit at the blue…
  • Both of you sound like little babies. your complaining about things that you assume are broken or dont work but you not being constructive about it. Seriously quit blaming the game people, **** does happen streaks happen. so you're telling me in your losing streak you've never been outplayed? out worked? out controlled?…
  • I dont see why everyone is complaining about the classes... its not like they're bad. Plus there is literally a class geared towards every single play style. What more can you ask for? Its not like they limited your choices down to a couple play styles. Honestly not saying its true, but i feel like the only people who…
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