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  • Fine tune the difference between Pro and All - Star a bit. As of right now I play pro with difficulty set to 6/6.It makes for a better challenge, but I feel like I have to "slow the pace" still for accurate stats or to not blow out the CPU. I want to be able to both win and lose like actual NHL. If I go to All - Star at…
  • Another addition to my other post I forgot is commentary. It's past time to add some new lines from the guys calling the game. I agree with the others on that 100%.
  • I posted an in depth post on the NHL20 wishlist thread dealing with some of this. Maybe if people hit the like buttons or whatever EA will listen to the things on that list. It is on page 9 of that thread.
  • My wishlist is the same every year seems like. I don't play any mode except season currently. I would play BAP, but it needs more features to simulate the life of a player like interviews and other things. Some type of perfomance/career based story mode. My wishes come from being an ultra sim type of player. I want game…
  • I saw a moderator say this is not place to bash the game and those posts would be removed.. I'm not trying to bash at all. I feel like this game is the closest to real style hockey I have seen, but I think the addition above would enhance the experience for the super hard-core fans and players alike of hockey. The biggest…
  • I am huge on a game being as realistic stat wise to the real thing. That being said, one of my biggest issues is to keep stats of what should be simulated games from being jacked up. I have to play 10 minute periods to accomplish more realistic shot totals etc, but if I simulate cpu games they have crazy #s in the stats.…
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