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  • It's almost as bad as William Nylander getting a TOTY. I know that one was selected by the community but this guy was a giant loser holding out like a little baby, he gets paid and comes back to the tune of less than a half a point a game (26 points…
  • I disagree, goal differential is a huge indicator of good defensive play. He won it last year and he was +21. He took a huge step back. And I'm sure he will get a couple votes just because he won it last year (there are 3500+ votes lol). I had the c…
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    I hear ya man! I mean, its TOTY. the game is almost done. This should/could be a time to thank the players and juice the packs a little bit (since these players will only be used for 3months before they are useless because nobody w…
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    Again, the point is that it should not be this hard to pull a good card. Last year it was great because cards were being pulled left and right, I really felt like ultimate team was all about building a team of your favorite players…
  • That's putting it nicely! And after you drop 100 bucks and get only 5 collectables out of that 100 bucks. You can get 3 99 overall cards for the low price of only $1400!!! Rent? Who needs to pay rent, EA needs your cash for 3 virtual cards that will…
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    I would love to. Except I am one of the lucky people who get an error when trying to "buy now" on the marketplace. I can only purchase items through bidding. And nobody at EA can fix this... even after I have factory reset my xbox.…
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    Casinos are gambling, packs on a video game are not (to an extent they can be) I am paying money in exchange for a "good". I am not paying to possibly win more money. I am paying to improve my team. The point here is that the asset…
  • Just spent 100 bucks... got 5 collectables and an 85 diamond Kuznetsov.......................... at this rate I will get a 1, one, uno, SINGLE toty of the year after $500!!!!! So Stupid!!!! Open a pack for 20 bucks and get 2 silver collectables!!! W…
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    Soooo, get really lucky in a reroll... and be a top 25 player in the world.... ok bro, makes sense.
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    You should have bought a lottery ticket with that luck. I cant remember the last decent pull I had. I'm thinking really hard, and nothing comes to mind. Maybe I just have the worst luck in the world. I spent more on this game than …
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    Might as well just play regular online instead of HUT. My point is that this is ultimate team, build a dream team. But this year you literally need yo spend thousands of dollars. Think about it, to just get one of the master cards …
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    It seems like it happens on lower priced cards. I've never had an issue buying something for over 75k. But when I see something like a legend Daneyko for 5k and I try to buy it now it kicks me to the main menu.

    And I do…
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    Yup, and watch them try to get the puck away from you by poke checking to only have them go to penalty box for trip after trip. Then they try a body check to only have the guy with the puck bounce off the check and be given an easy…
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    It's so bad!! It wouldn't be so bad if it wouldnt kick you all the way to the main menu.
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    100% agree! It's to the point where I cant play d. Just let the guy skate around in my zone until I get put of position. If I poke, I'm going to the box. if I stick lift, I go to the box. If i body check, he bounces off me and I'm …
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    I also like chasing the legends. I have spent far more money than I am proud of... and you know how many legends I've pulled? ZERO. I really enjoy building my team from the ground up, but at what cost? Far more money than the game …
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    Right! Even in the under 80 comp season, my 99 Lemieux gets caught from behind by an 80 overall card with 87 speed... like, what!?!? Other games, he skates circles around players like 94 sakic.
  • I've been getting this error while trying to buy things in the auction house. Only buy now, not bidding. Kicks me all the way back to the main menu. Been happening for 2 months...
  • Thanks for the responses guys! I will try some of the settings and strategies you have suggested!
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