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  • My opinion is that complaining things that really are messed up in the game is nothing more than good thing. I do report bugs to the company. I do pick up things that really need improvement. I really do like NHL serie overal, but there are too much problems. I also have gived credits to game when there are good reason for…
  • Just buying some too expensive card from someone :)
  • When you read this, im putting, lets say St.louis, Bossy and others in a price 20-60k EVO marchand just sold in price 50k. Have a nice day :)
  • I am here, thats not the point. Just end playing NHL 18. I like this serie but i dont like the game. But maby im just the guy that is not needed. Im satisfied to the things are in this franchise? Or are you?
  • And also collectibles. Flash cards goes 20k, stars cards under 4k, there are lot of others. Pick them up i need free sellslots
  • Im keeping my roster but everything else goes now. Finally and it feels good :)
  • But you EA know what is best for your income. FIFA, NFL and NBA so do what you want. Do what you want to this serie. Same to me. I put my moneys to other games from other companys. You were excellent in 90`s several kind of games. Strike serie was best. But you killed that also. Sell of copies did not match to your ownerns…
  • And EVO Marchand. 100k and 105k. I have done something right
  • LOL. Player are gone mad. There can be found Bure in price of 35k, Flash Gaborik in price 40k, St.Louis in 30k. Ans so one.. Good damn =D players are gone mad with Ice set. Nice to see how things go in monday and tuesday and thats on. I might do some purchase. Christmas is coming and lot of new players who buy market to…
  • Bad luck dude. But never knows what EA might do. Only thin i know is that save everytime some collectibles from every category and if doing market. Have get rid of players in 2 or 3 days =D
  • I have bought quite a lot collectibles earlierwhen i have seen those in the market cheap. I had a plan that someday i make those heroes just for fun, but obviously plan changed now.
  • Now tons of players pump out from rosters legendary and hero cards. So its cheap to build rosters. Those players value will grow. Not same price they were before ice set but they will grow. I love this. Good tim to do nice coins and get players to roster or rosters
  • Fast calculated i can make some 3 to 4 million coins profit. Uuyeaaa
  • This was good thing. Offcourse not everyone, but luckily i have not found smart use for gold collectibles earlier :)
  • I have made all challenges and i have got super cards. St.Louis, Messier, Heatley who are top pulls from them. And quite many other nice cards. Cant complain
  • I got coach, contract and 1500 coins. But i prefer earlier because i play every day. Those who dont play so much this new daily version is better.
  • I prefer ST.louis. When you have faceoff rightside. Just get strong center who ties opponent. Right winger that is St.Louis will get perfect shot. Also flash Jagr. Both. Worth to try i say.
  • When i get 99 brodeur my team is ready.
  • Here is my latest team. 9 synergys active. Coach is not option in hutdp so it wont calculate all. That team has speed and power. https://hutdb.net/18/builder/998059
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