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  • I’m getting pretty fed up with puck ragging in the GWC. I just had a guy go up 2-1 at the beginning of the second period and ragged for the rest of the game. Worst part is it was the second time I played the same guy and if I could’ve seen his scree…
  • I’m having the same issue as the OP. I think I got losses. Twice. Because the other user quit mid game. Worse. It happened during the GWC.
  • Tried it. No help. Although I don’t know what I’m looking for, but getting the same outcomes. Gotta get this fixed though - it’s costing me games and packs. Probably would’ve finished top 250 in HUT champs this past weekend if I didn’t have this pro…
  • You are right. My apologies. The lone exception it appears to be.
  • I agree with this post. Not the bronze goalie part, I get that. But there is horrible ice tilt. It comes on so many different ways there is obviously some mechanism to even the game out when two teams of differing overall values play against each ot…
  • So that’s it? No more suggestions?
  • I own several controllers and I’ve rotated through them all. Funny you haven’t heard this. I’ve posted on several forums looking for help and have found quite a few people who have the same issue. Anyway, the manual passing didn’t work. Nothing…
  • Played 6 games tonight with your suggestions. No difference. Now what?
  • I don’t think they affect it at all. Didn’t fix my problem. What now?
  • So all those sliders can help you improve your HUT gameplay? Like I can turn up all the human ones and then just pass and receive better than my opponent? That doesn’t seem to make sense. Also I did it and don’t notice a difference.
  • [quote="NHL_Live_Support;c-2050683"]Hey @BrownIdentity, Do you have Manual Passing turned on? If you want to have more control of your passing, then you'll need to have it turned on. You can find the setting within the "Setting…
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