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  • (Quote) For the VERY short time I played NHL 15 (about 20 games), I could not stand how insane puck control was. The best way to score was to literally skate at your opponent. This goal was basically all I would ever see: https://www.youtube.com/wa…
  • Wow those goals were.... Idk I have no words. I've started playing goalie again after a few years of not playing. While my stats are pretty good this year (20-11-3, 2.37 gaa, .765 sv%), some of the goals that go in have absolutely no business going …
  • For me I can't say I love this game, but I have enjoyed it more than 16, 15, and 14. I'm sure its going to frustrate me more and more as time goes on. Boy do I wish for another NHL game to compete with this though. Back when 2k still made an NHL ga…
  • (Quote) My favourite is having to watch through a goalie interference review when its always going to be ruled no goal. I sometimes think about getting some popcorn because its so intense.
  • (Quote) +1
  • Our club had it happen a couple nights ago. It hasn't happened since then however. Everyone might just have to reset their console, or just try again the next day.
  • (Quote) I'm sorry but did you not just bag on a guy in a different thread for having like 13 min TOA and 27-5 shots, saying "coming over the red line and pushing up on the RS isn't proof"? Come on man.
  • Some of my club mates had this issue last night. We have the junior stadium and in the defensive end it sometimes obstructed our view. I hope this gets addressed
  • The goals were definitely trash. The thing I don't like is him complaining about not being able to nudge players from behind. Its fine how it is, and there were a couple times in the video where he should've boardplayed his opponent instead of going…
  • Drop-ins are solely real teams with pro arenas. If you want to use those community rinks, then you will have to create a club with 1 or more other players and compete in the EASHL seasons.
  • Lol good one NLucaj. SirPsychoT, When I hit 'Start Draft' it'll attempt to bring me into the next screen, but then i'll get booted to the dashboard. I'm gonna create a new save and sim through to the draft and see if I still crash Edit: It seems …
  • Xbox. I might just restart and hopefully it'll work.
  • (Quote) Yeah i noticed that. In the past I always liked to see what players from my team made the all-star game. Now you have to scroll through the activity feed and see, but those hockey analysts only say like 10 players.
  • (Quote) I agree with what you're saying, especially how the puck comes to a stop for no reason. But as of right now I'd rather have what we have now than players being immune to it, especially for smaller players. In the future I do hope when nudg…
  • Consistency would be nice. But I'm fine with the nudges in general.
  • .(Quote) You are high if you think sticks hitting for a fraction of a second is considered tie-up. Holy cow I can't be bothered to waste my time anymore
  • .(Quote) Except its not sim when you are literally sticklifting through players' sticks. I don't sticklift from behind. If I do, then i should get a penalty for it. I will be right up against a player side-by-side and my player will still miss. I'm…
  • 6:50: #42 for Chicago against #19 for TML. 7:48: #57 for Chicago against #28 for TML. 10:18: #15 for Chicago against #42 for TML. 11:21: #19 for Chicago against #51 for TML. Missed sticklift by Toews. 11:27: #81 for Chicago against #24 for TML. …
  • Unfortunately EA failed to maximize the potential of the Winter Classic by just putting it in play now. I would have loved to have to Winter Classic in franchise mode. Make it either random selection or have you always participate in it. EA also mis…
  • Stick lifts are also one of the first things you learn as a kid in training camp. I'll try and pull up a video from that as well then. You mention a lack of stick lifts happening in the CANvsRUS game (NHL in general), yet how many times do you see p…

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