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  • I don't see much diff between a 75 goalie and a 99 goalie. They all make saves they shouldnt have any business making, and let ones in that should be obvious saves. This is a big complaint with this game so its not just you.
  • It was his a.i. i rarely see the human controlled players do this.
  • Its yet another attempt to pull a new crowd to hut. This is now the hut arcade mode so make regular hut a little more realistic.
  • Yup, and we complain about outdoor rinks for chel so they add them to hut? Makes sense ea. This is why we say they dont listen. WHO asked for this? Never saw one person say this. Seen hundreds want other changes that get ignored. Strike 573u484y27394u4 ea
  • Wait, hes talking about how it was more realism based back then, and you bring up this which contradicts his point. I do remember those though, and oof that curve shot lol.
  • Thats actually a good change imo.
  • When i get home I will but i still see zero point because as i said, you cant see ratings but what you CAN see is off the opening faceoff i bank the puck off the boards into their zone and beat the d man with the winger on the boards. Im going in a straight line and even rb to kinda dump the puck in front of me to speed…
  • Nah its strategies man. Their strat settings apparently cause you to be slower, not grab pucks, and your goalie turns into a slice of swiss cheese. Funny, those strategies dont exist in my game. Do they have to be gotten in hut packs or what? Lol
  • And they want videos...i have videos but i just looked and realized that the video doesnt show the players rating so its pointless. Theyll just say "we cant tell thats a 69 ovr because its during gameplay".
  • No offense but didnt you work for them at some point too? I have been here since before 08 reading. And no i play online and its just not fun anymore win or lose. You know what games arw most fun for me? When i lose to a guy who actually outplayed me, not relying on broken ai and cheese like 95 percent of the community.…
  • Their team is small. We know that. My issue then is if youre not putting the resources in to justify 60 bucks a year, you have zero business putting that price tag on it.
  • Actually i do think i have video. Ill go through my clips but, its clear as day when its happening. Ill literally feel like my guy slows down and isnt responding to by button presses until he catches me.
  • They also deny that 69 ovr can catch a 99 ovr on a clean breakaway but yet we see it with our own eyes. They act like were idiots that cant see and think for ourselves.
  • I honestly believe their engine has reached its limits and if we want real a.i. improvements were out of luck til ea takes some of those hut money bags and updates the engine.
  • lol its quite obvious that the intention is to funnel people to hut if you want all the features the game has to offer because its the only mode that is given full attention it seems.
  • Lol dont know what forums youve been reading but ive lurked here for years, and there was a time here when people were mostly happy with the game. It wasnt until hut came that people REALLY started turning on ea with this game, and every year it gets worse and more apparent the main focus is hut. I used to have 40 guys on…
  • This happens every year which is why people say copy and paste because even the things they advertise they worked on are usually still crap. They get away with it cus they make small tweaks to the ai (cant do anything more on a 12 yr old engine) just enough to legally claim they "improved" it but weve all seen ea isnt…
  • Dude, you're so busted for bugging EA offices. Can you get in trouble for posting their meeting transcript? Lol. But yeah, it's disgusting that they think hockey is played this way. Ive been way more critical lately and saving replays of everything and going through it carefully and omg the amount of inconsistency you see…
  • I think one of the biggest things that people think is tilt is that goalies are all the same. A 68 overall goalie seems to look and play no different than a 99 goalie. They all let in the same weak crap and can all make split second saves they have no business making. If im setting up actual hockey plays and taking my…
  • Oh god thats horrible. Ive been shut out before by a team that meat me 1 to 0 and only had one shot. Guess when it came? Last min of 3rd on some weak bounce off the goalies blocker and right in from a soft wrister at the top of the circle. I had like 26 shots...he had 1, and won.
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