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  • One thing I forgot to add to my post, was my opinion on the puck physics. The puck bounces for 6s on 1.3 are absolutely horrid, the most garbage random goals go in and you feel like you're pretty much at the mercy of the game, this is by far my biggest problem with 6s (these issues aren't as prevalent in HUT and Vs from my…
  • This is going to sound stupid, but I really don't think this is exactly the same as the beta tuner, although I didn't actually play the beta a ton (maybe like 6 or 7 games), I just always assumed the tuner on release was essentially the beta tuner with minor tweaks since it felt pretty similar, but anyways I'll go over my…
  • I understand that for some people drop ins are their main mode because they dont have clubs or whatever the case may be, but its literally the worst mode to evaluate the game in
  • This was the right move imo. The beta wasnt perfect, and theres definitely a couple of things in the current tuner that I like and think are more balanced, but overall the beta was definitely a much more fun experience. Hopefully we'll have a better perspective on where people want the game to be and will be able to take…
  • Please just revert the game to the day 1 tuner... Like honestly I've had no fun at ALL since the early October tuners. Was playing franchise mode the other day (EASHL and HUT are just boring now with the gameplay changes, I only really ever play 6s for my LG games now) and decided to stop simming and step into a game. I…
  • Changes to the cpu in HUT are great, expect lots of hate though since the skillzone, trap, and cpu forecheck were legit strats for a lot of players, but this change is definitely for the better and creates a bigger skill gap. Seriously need to fix the pokes and the speed gap (honestly revert both of these to the way they…
  • Maybe in the neutral zone a little, but they are fine on the forecheck, they put some pressure but they wont automatically take the puck off you no problem
  • If the tuner plays as indicated in these notes it will be good as these have been huge issues in HUT since the recent tuner. Personally though I think you should go back to what the game was in September and build from there. Game had far less glaring issues and overall was much more fun.
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