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  • I was using a defensive defenseman I try to play a containment and active stick style of Defense over hitting and I use a defensive defenseman specifically so things like what happened in that video don't happen
  • I was playing a drop in game earlier and it was a 4 on 4 and I for some reason thought it was a PK so I iced the puck, and every single player on my team, we're replaced with an AI until the next whistle. It was pretty funny. I thought substitutions weren't allowed after an icing, but either the rule changed or EA just…
  • Prime example of that randomness that needs to go away. I never purposely let the offense get behind me but I was pretty confident I could step in front of this cherry picker to intercept an easy pass. https://youtu.be/iwtDM-grJgA
  • The problem is being tired, there is no actual way of knowing how much gas is left in the tank for whatever player you're controlling. Including position locked modes. Last year I was pushing for EA to add an endurance meter for whatever player you had control of. A gamechanger said that EA is aware of the request and will…
  • I wish it wasn't true.
  • https://youtu.be/Nu1FS9cvnRI
  • Trying to point things put in a live game would be hard because everyone is focused on themselves and where they need to be, and you only have 1 pause. I'm on ps4 but you're better off playing and pulling clips as you notice them
  • Meanwhile in NHL 10 it was very simple and effective to set up for deflections and opening your body up to angle a puck toward the net https://youtu.be/176yxHveDi8 Another offensive example which we need to stop with. It's just that much more difficult to set up currently because of the inconsistency with vision control
  • You're possibly correct when the puck is in those places, its been so long since I've played those other versions and every year of the game had minute differences to them, but there's no reason that it shouldn't face those angles if they made the changes people expect to vision control in the future.
  • There's randomness that makes sense. Like a deflection physically reacting to hitting off of a players leg in a realistic way and possibly scoring. Then there's randomness such as being able to blindly poke check pucks, having hits completely bounce off skaters while when they get pushed in the back, they lose the puck…
  • No, what people want is a balanced game that's realistic yet without randomness and to be in control of their skater and in control of what happens on the ice. If thats interpreted as arcadey then fine
  • Wrong thread
  • No, what people want is a balanced game that's realistic yet without randomness and to be in control of their skater and in control of what happens on the ice. If thats interpreted as arcadey then fine.
  • It's a 21 second long video and even if you want to say it's at 1/2 speed that would mean that it's roughly 10 seconds long at full speed. Give or take a second or two. And he has its back to the puck for almost the entire time that player is in possession of the puck, and seeing as how you're stressing that this is a slow…
  • I'm referencing the rest of the **** video where the AI literally has his back to the puck. Why I'm even responding to this ridiculous post, I have no idea.
  • Obvious forward is obvious
  • Also in that video I posted, if you don't pay attention to me, and you look at, let's say the AI LD, after the forward drops the puck back to the trailer, the AI basically never turns toward the puck. In fact, his back is facing the puck, and he's looking directly at the skater he's attempting to defend. Not realistic by…
  • Yeah when you mention having to make a hard stop even when traveling slowly, that's what I'm talking about when it comes to efficiency and wasted time. It's something we've discussed in the past, and should be reiterated. It happens in all different kinds of stopping scenarios. That's why I've said EA needs to have more…
  • Tweaking the old skating and tweaking the new skating would accomplish the same thing, just take different paths to get to the same location. They're just being narrow-minded and pretentious, or just misinterpreting what you're saying. That last sentence is these forums in a nutshell

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