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  • You're basically proving my point though that vision control should return to what it was and shouldn't primarily be a 'skate backwards button.' Because to have to back up and backskate in the opposite direction I want to face is still wasted movement when you should just be able to pivot in place and look at it. You…
  • Here's an example of one of the issues I have with vision control. I'm sure one of our local experts is going to assume this is me doing something wrong on the play but stay with me, take the time to read what I'm typing and understand it https://youtu.be/OMQNUH1jHhw OK so I'm yellow and I'm staying with a forward entering…
  • I'm not explaining things twice just for you just so you can keep up with the conversation because you are never on on the same page with the rest of the class
  • I say that just about every time you post.
  • He has said he experimented with ABS in the past to see if it resulted in more consistent facing angles. But I'm fairly certain he doesn't mean simply pivoting and facing the puck carrier and it's as you said, controlling your player while you slow down and pivot
  • No **** sherlock. We're talking about squaring up to the puck carrier to be in a better position to block an incoming pass when a forward slows down. When the forward slows down he's doing it to buy some time and usually wait for a trailer but depending on how the defense reacts to his change of speed he has different…
  • Bmh explicitly says that he's talking about where Lindstrom pivots to face the puck carrier, and in that situation you shouldn't have to come to a complete stop, you should just be able to pivot towards him and transition into a t-push while maintaining a larger gap than normal to account for the difference in speed you'll…
  • If you have auto backskate off and you're in a glide while backskating and holding L2 and just let go while in that glide you will turn and pivot towards the attacking player. As long as you're going slow enough you can sometimes precisely feather your stick and face him, but you can easily end up turning all the way…
  • If L2 was vision control you could simply press and hold the button to PIVOT in the shortest direction towards the puck instead of actually having to make a TURN like you see so often in this game.
  • I didn't quote you. I wasn't talking to you. When I said you guys I was talking about the person I quoted and the people who are repeating similar things that he's saying.
  • And when you're not watching your skater it's even easier to be facing a weird direction or in an animation you didn't expect and not be in an efficient position yourself to safely effectively move the puck or be positioned in an efficient way to get to a spot on the ice quickly. This post makes it sound as if I'm saying…
  • You can kinda do a lateral movement as a defenseman in the offensive zone with precision skating which is horrible, or you can hold your stick back for a one timer and move slightly more fluidly. But the movement being there isn't the problem you guys are missing the poinyou. The point is the fidelity and fluidity of…
  • How about the next sentence where I say you're moving laterally in the first part of the gif. When I originally posted my reply I never even saw the first part because gifs automatically play. And you're getting a chubby over the fact that you can move laterally with the puck to your skaters off wing which even at times…
  • You clearly didn't read all of the post I made.
  • Do NOT buy a ps4 just for NHL. That is definitely not worth it
  • To be honest Ben actually spent a fair amount of time responding to posts. Maybe it was multiple people sharing the account but it also seemed that the posts were made after working hours some of the time as well. That being said, I'm surprised and also not surprised that their absence right now. Surprised they haven't…
  • Mega is correct. Goalie pads are constantly evolving. A tapered thigh rise was a thing in the past but not anymore. Same with round vs square toe. You may still see goalies with a round toe or a partially rounded toe now but yeah. These older style velos show the tapered thigh rise pretty well. It's more of a stand-up…
  • Some do, some don't? I can't tell you what the general consensus is at all but if DJNeo was still around he'd be able to tell you why he thinks it's better. He was a gamechanger and was allegedly involved in this area of thr game. He's a big offline, sim, spend hours playing with sliders kind of guy which is the exact…
  • If you haven't disagreed with anything I've said, you wouldn't be in this thread right now responding to me. And when you talk about walking across the blueline, you're just effectively backskating. The skater is facing pretty much directly to the left while travelling to the right..... I don't even know where you're…

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