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  • I shared my idea of what playoffs should look like in another post last year but I'll share it here for you:

    - EVERY WEEKEND is a bracketed playoff option like previous releases. Brackets. Non-stop, all weekend you can just play tourney …
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    We take longer finding a game when drawing 2's over and over that we back out against every time. 3+ should be a search option and we'll happily wait for a 3+.
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    Our 5-6's will play 3 and above. We get it's not possible for everyone to play with 6 people. But 2's in 6's is a completely different game. You should be able to exclude them and let them play each other if they want.
  • Every single club should reset right when "playoffs" begin. There's no actual playoff games, no elimination games, no championship games in these "playoffs" anyway. Everyone would be in D10 and everyone would find way more games. If their matchmakin…
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    Our club forced ourselves through it. Extremely difficult to find games, felt nothing like a playoff, didn't care where we ranked, we just wabted to hang and play together. I don't think EASHL survives if they do this again next mo…
  • I would say there are 3 main things that have been the major reason EA's NHL series has fallen into the state it's in, or perceived to be in:

    1) HUT
    2) Lack Of Innovation (thanks to HUT and GC's/Streamers who promote it)
    3) L…
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    THIS ^^^

    EASHL's new playoff format has 0.0 playoff games. Zero 1st round games, zero quarterfinal games, zero semi-final games, ZERO CHAMPIONSHIP games in THE PLAYOFFS. There is no difference from the regular season. T…
  • So my club played the Cup Finals last night and I've got to say I agree with most of what has been said here. It's extremely disappointing. Again, I've played and owned EVERY version of NHL. I played D1 college hockey, we've got a couple Hockey East…
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    All of this is great. I'd even add that both goalies should be live and multiple pucks should be on the ice. One end guys could work on one-t's or something. Other end guys could be working on faceoffs, passing, shooting on the oth…
  • @EA_Blueberry Thank you so much for eliminating mandatory cut scenes at the end of 3's Elim games. Sooooo nice! The boys went nuts last night. Keep it going!
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    This. ^^^

    Recently switched to high pressure as well and prefer it now. Reason being is along the lines of how I coach my real life team; attack or contain the puck carrier further away from your own net so that if that…

  • Same happened to us last night. Drew these guys, they scored first then only ragged the rest of the way. We could care less about a W or L just want a fun experience and good games so we quit after awhile.

    Secondly, they were ENF …
  • Hahaha, thank you. It probably wasn't on purpose! Lol
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    Agreed that EASHL 3's seems much faster. A good trade off is I haven't missed the lungs trait the keeps stamina up. Been fine without it. Plus, they've basically removed cut scenes after goals and periods which is awesome. No one …
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    While so far I've enjoyed the 21 Tech Test I'll say I fall more in the "it's the same" as 20 category a lot of people are in. I'm not sure I can articulate it well enough but I'll say that the foundation of the game does not feel l…
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    Thank you for the response. That somewhat answers my question. I guess I shoulda worded my question better. At the end of a Club Finals/season it says individual player ranks reset to zero and you then try to rank back up all over …
  • @NHLDev quick question; it says players ranks reset after each "season" then you try to work your way back up. Do club ranks do the same? That way you may end up in a different…
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    in Gameplay Reply by D19Box May 2020
  • Lengthy post. Been playing since NHLPA '92 when I had to use a notebook and write down my leagues own stats/standings and sim CPU games. Here you go, EA. You're welcome.

    Make it Connected: And not the clunky perpetually loading version o…
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