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    Hopefully you've seen my last post, forgot to quote you there. :)
  • I'm on xbox and I always save before exiting. I did some testing and it only happens when I first start up the game and enter WOC. Once I'm in WOC and I change the style it will save until the next time I turn off the game entirely. So it resets eve…
  • Some gameplay ideas

    In tight animations and being able to shoot five hole more constantly. Going five hole on a breakaway after a deke can go in but the animations aren't very smooth. Also adding a backhand rating would be great, player …
  • Being able to customize attributes needs to be back. We also need a progression system that rewards the player for more than just level 32 (or whatever level gives you all the traits) and hockey bags. I understand why there is a bunch of people out …
  • For me goalie positioning is what I find needs tweaking. It feels like the goalies in every situation are challenging the shot at or above the crease no matter where the shot is coming from. If there was a way for the goalies to read what situation …
  • A few gameplay things I'd like changed,

    Goalies on breakaways play the shooter like they are always going to shoot from the high slot. This makes the goalie always play aggressive outside of his crease. If there was a way that you could …
  • The big thing for me in the next game would be the goalies. I don't program video games or AI so I'm not even sure this is possible.

    The big thing is the goalies are too aggressive out of their crease all the time. There needs to be a sy…
  • I'm not sure why you guys keep removing small things like dropping sticks. It's kind of like the net coming off. They weren't horrible things that needed to be removed. Again, small things. I feel the cpu is too strong. Especially in EASHL, They rea…
  • So most of these feedback comments are negative. But I'll start with the positives

    -The defensive skill stick is a great, as a defender myself it's another tool I can use to frustrate my opponent. Also having pass blocks work with the st…
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