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  • Why does everyone think hut gets so much love ? It's a simple game mode that takes care of itself basically, it took three years for hut to get 3 v 3 line changes, something be a gm has has for 3 years ... I'd say be a gm gets more attention, you c…
  • They can't change the game engine , frostbite is eas game engine for all of eas affiliates . Dragon age, battlefield , NHL all run off frostbite .
  • (Quote) The beta sucked ... Pokes were instant penalties and stick lifts were ridiculous... 1.2 was the better version .
  • (Quote) Lol avoiding a game mechanic isn't a solution... If you're hitting someone's feet then you're too close to them.
  • (Quote) The @EA_NHLDevs made it near there the end of 2017 that defensive classes get a bonus to pick interceptions... I've been asking for years if this is still true, and they won't answer , so either they don't know ,or they do and only the game…
  • (Quote) Stop poking from behind then ...
  • (Quote) This may just be me, but I'm all for a skill gap, competitive implies it will assist the other player if one player is that much stronger because then it isn't competitive ,it's just a walloping . In order to keep things competitive, things…
  • (Quote) No ... This works just fine, the issue would again, be the animation as the player has to sweep their stick instead of being able to jab, or twist their wrist to pull the stick in as they swept their arm around ... And whoever wants the…
  • (Quote) You're saying hockey is a simple game ?? As that's part of the problem , they don't embrace the strategy side of hockey... Ea already keeps it simple
    in K.I.S.S. Reply by Dixonyu July 29
  • If they make AI learn, the AI will learn humans are self destructive in nature and that we are better off not being here ... Many movies have been made about this, so my guess is ea doesn't want to contribute to the end of the world, just to sub pa…
  • When they hire me as a game changer ....
  • (Quote) Ea has only one year stepped up their game and went above and beyond, in NHL 04 when they got Marc Crawford in , who was the hottest coach at the time ... Probably won't see that kind of love in any series ea does again .
  • The fact that it's the only hockey game and if I want to play hockey with friends or in one of the many leagues people have created , I have to ... I have no choice ... Ea and the devs are well aware of my complaints , and what doesn't make it fee…
  • (Quote) The highlights are better, but I make a spin o rama Deke, Deke the pants off buddy, then sauce it passed two players for a tap in, we watch the tap in over and over , not the miraculous pass or nice Deke ... At least get that right please l…
  • (Quote) The system they have works great ... But I assume not alot of people watched the video Ben Ross, aka @NHLDev released. If you aim your right skill stick where you want to poke , then press and hold the defensive stick button , the poke go…
  • I hate that handcuffed feeling ... Where you are doing everything right in the faceoff circle , but you lose every face off, you can't stick lift , can't retain the puck, can't pick up the puck, yet your opponent is doing everything wrong and the ga…
  • It's faster to dashboard to get to the next game, and it seems the game is only loading the silly pre game animations, as you are still waiting for users for a solid minute or two after ...
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