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  • I have broken 4 and quickly. Was getting pissed. With that said, they were the new controllers being sold (including the Elite) past couple years that are made in China. They are using a cheaper thumb controller on the circuit board itself. Nothing to do with the rubber thumbs. There is a tiny plastic "tab" if you will…
  • Not just you. I was actually just about to post this almost word for word. We go through the same exact thing a couple times a night. Oppents are super fast, scoring gods that get 6 goals on 8 shots with their AI getting a hat trick or goes 3-3 on penalty shots. Our AI is a idiot pylon that can't stop a pass, takes…
  • ^^^^^This. It never fails that I get the **** goalie / team. I haven't won a drop in in 2 weeks. I went from 600 something to 290. My club guys are never on so I am SOL.
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