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  • I don't see there being any real 'true' problem with this game....just a multitude of annoyances. Yes, trolls and cheesers don't make for a very online experience but this is beyond EA's control. Even with a game that runs near-perfect with the majority of the fan base happy you would still have players that find a way to…
  • [/quote] Lol so people with no lives get rewarded. The class system as is works fine. The better team and players should get rewarded with wins. Thats why u play.... not to skate faster. People with jobs, kids, and real lives shouldn't have to grind to skate a little faster. [/quote] All I got from this post is "whaa whaa…
  • If the AI was competent, played their position, stood up when they should, etc etc etc...there would be too much complaining that the game is too hard. A stacked team of Rob Blake and the like on the back-end that actually played the way their super-attributes should would create such an imbalance where players may have to…
  • In before thread gets closed
  • CR is nothing more than a measurement of your wins and losses. If you lose to opponents with a lower CR than yourself, you lose more CR. It has nothing to do with your teammates
  • Absolutely. It hasn't been as frequent as it was in the old gen, but I've seen maybe 3-4 weird disconnects occur that turned into losses for my team
  • It's the name of a team you're playing against. No different than the stupid JonLOL or Vagiholihi or w/e you hear all game when players select that as their audio name.
  • Err... It doesn't play any better on PS4.
  • Do you have a player card you could autograph for me with your illustrious LG stats? Would mean so much...
  • Human goalie quits in a club game, it's game over is it not?
  • Why would a troll who's hell-bent on his own argument to even bother reading or interpreting properly what other people are saying care what club I'm in? You want to look at my stats so you can come back here and stroke your ego? You think that will validate the argument of whether players should be able to customize their…
  • You don't think players can tell the difference between a 5'10 dangler and a 6'4 pwf?
  • Don't expect a fix dude. Like that troll pointed out (more/less), this game is built around casuals and VG/LG league play. It's not an RPG. Either enjoy the watered-down hockey experience that is NHL 17 or play something else.
  • Adding progression makes the game fun. If there isn't 4-5 other players online to play club with, I won't even bother loading the game because drop-ins are just a mix of griefers and terrible players. Almost every game on the market has a progression system built in that reward players for playing the game. I don't find…
  • Troll
  • There's an idea.
  • I was one that actually enjoyed the player testing. Practice mode using different skate edges/stick curves, tweaking my attributes until I found a build I liked. Now all you have is pre-made 70ovr builds that play more-less the same with the exception of can't hit builds vs can hit builds. The rest of the attributes seem…
  • If you want a competitive non-player progression format for league play, use OTP and balance the game around that. For EASHL club games, they never should have removed the card system. Fixing it so players can't exploit it is one thing; removing the progression system leaves the game stale for those of us who want to grind…
  • I only complain because some of the issues MUST have been spotted during alpha/beta testing. Instead of fixing them the game was released for $80 again this year with all this talk of improvement. It took all of five minutes to realize NHL 17 was nothing more than a copy/paste version of '16 with the addition of some…
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