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  • Any of the online modes...mostly EASHL though.
  • What angers the paying public is releasing a product that, by all rights, is a beta. You can't claim to have done significant testing on things like puck physics, skating, auto-animations, connection quality, and game crashes, when the game plays the way it does...These are fundamental things that are either dealt with…
  • Can't be that much work to copy/paste the old version and add a few new cele's...
  • Have the same issues a lot of times with the one-timers not connecting and the passing go way behind the intended target. It seems like it's a connection issue but I can't be sure. Frustrating though. Especially the passing this year, it's completely [email protected]'d up sometimes
  • Auto-animations have been in the game for 10 years. WHy? Because it's in the game!
  • First one it looks like you had a (small) chance to intercept it but the puck might've flipped up over your stick. The second one you are clearly trying to swat at the puck and it went through you instead.
  • How does removing some of the 'fun' elements of the game (i.e personalized builds, progression system..) NOT contribute to the decline in sales and overall interest of the game? These cookie-cutter builds were brought in for league play (I understand that, I guess), but it's a system that didn't need to be implemented into…
  • That's exactly how some of us see it. It's boring as hell since all the builds play more/less the same except for the size of the player.
  • So it looks like they fixed some of the Alpha issues in the game and made us a (more) playable beta, but when is the finished version of '17 being released? A version where puck physics make sense, the skating feels more responsive, the game doesn't crash 1 out of every 10 (or so) online games, etc...or is EA happy with…
  • The other way around, maybe. The majority fan-base plays online modes. I was threw with offline franchise prior to nhl07 simply because I'd played that mode so much for a decade. As far as BoP, I've tried it and it doesn't appeal to me. Although I doubt they'd do add-on packs for any mode
  • Ya if I could've stayed until the end of the game to record a video I would have. Instead I crashed the game so my team didn't have to play 5on4 all game. My player had a stick, just couldn't use it.
  • Common, no one has had the pleasure of playing a few periods where your player seemingly has no stick? Can't shoot/pass/poke/lift...my buds thought it was pretty funny although we take a lot of shots at the (lousy) programming in the game.
  • Affects nothing
  • Since I know no one that experiences issues like this trying to find a game, the problem is more than likely stemming from your end. If you want to post a tracert (ping the EA servers), you can PM me and I can help you find where the problem lies between your network and the server it's trying to connect to
  • You honestly can't expect that after 25 years of making hockey titles that EA can make AI players play a consistent style of hockey. That's asking a lot here folks..
  • But the AI has never been good or reliable in any title of NHL hockey that EA has released. One game your AI play like bulldogs, the next game they're poodles. One game they'll play shut-down D like ole Pronger used to, the next game they're pylons like ole Phaneuf.
  • That's strange...goalies get away with such horrible (intentional) poor play and never get booted. I've seen goalies skating around their zone, letting in 6-7 goals, taking penalties, and never get booted.
  • Yes, players get removed from the game all the time. Being idle for too long (I've gotten up after taking a penalty, went to take a pee-pee, come back and have been kicked for idling), or your team-play grade is an F. I think if you're idle when the period ends and when the next period starts you get booted very quickly No…
  • 1) Backchecking is rushing back into the defensive zone to counter the oppositions offensive attack. Whether you apply pressure to someone from behind has nothing to do with the actual term 'backcheck' in regards to how the term is used in hockey. Just saying. 2) If a forward has clearly beat a defender and is now on a…
  • I have no idea what 'rank' I am. I've only played maybe 30 games of HuT, and about 250 online EASHL/Drop-in games. Probably ain't ranked that high. Why?
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