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  • Well, in RL McSorley was a right shot. But he started as a left shot. And his card still says a left shot. But they apparently "fixed" him. Sounds about right. [Socair - edited swear filter]
  • Haha EA hasn't cared about customers in a few decades.
  • One more from me, and it's been in the game mode since its inception ! Playing as a dman, I often get thrown in the game during a line change WHILE THE OTHER TEAM IS ATTACKING, making it a 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 with me just getting on the ice as we get scored on, ruining my Defense rating. There is not one dman in the world…
  • Anybody else is having an issue with the opening daily rewards pack checklist item on the weekly missions tab counting ? I got one yesterday and one today, and it's still showing 0/3. I'm on PS4. I also tried to get the free 200 coins for watching the commercial but that also didn't count.
  • Another reason why roster sharing is a must. I have worked really hard to get all the teams as they were on opening night, and missing players were created when needed. But I can't share my hard work with anyone, at least not easily.
  • Yeah, we will never get a confirmation on it from any game developer. That would be a career suicide. Imagine the devs coming in force and saying "Yes, we spent more money this year on researching what would entice little Billy to spend more money with us than we did improving Franchise and Be A Pro combined and then spent…
  • While I agree with what you're saying in principle, you're losing track of what is important. And I can tell you, it's not the game of hockey, it's not your fun factor, it's not a sim experience or even about who has the best players. It's all about making a game that caters to little Billy so little Billy always feels…
  • That's interesting. I've not posted much over the years but I've been buying the game every year. The All Star setting being more challenging than Superstar is something I've seen in previous games as well. Obviously we did not have HUT battles back then, but I could see it playing Be a Pro or Franchise locked on D. This…
  • You're lucky that's all that happened. Typically when my AI teammate is in this situation, he passes it back to center for reasons unknown to anyone with a brain (and no, I'm not pressing the call pass button).
  • Without the randomness, the average player never feels like he is just one good player away from being competitive, thus going straight to the store and spending money to get said edge. Randomness is in every card team building sport game out there and serves only the purpose of the company's bottom line. The faster you…
  • No, no it's not terrible. That gives us offline players something meaningful to play for the first time since they got rid of the tournaments. This franchise has been all about the online (ridiculously laggy) experience for years and some of us welcome the change. Not to mention I love being able to see other people's…
  • Seems to me you're answering your own question...all card modes in all games are P2W. You can either invest your money, or your time (or both). Or you can not invest anything, but then you don't get to complain, because that is what those game modes are. They are all like that, and there's a reason for it...that's where…
  • I hope they do indeed add more commentary during the season like they said they would, because I already know the area that 99 made famous.
  • You do, but stats accumulated in exhibition don't count for any of the missions. Only challenges mode or online will tally stats up for missions.
  • How is this stupid ? That would cancel all the trades you may have made for your team, players you have drafted and started to develop. That would cancel all the trades made by the CPU. Then what happens if you apply it when you're in 2021-2022 ? Is Chara coming back from the retired ?
  • Twice is a pattern now ? Or is it confirmation bias ?
  • You allowed 12 goals in a game ? Why are you even posting here ?
  • Lots of stuff, some good ideas...some obviously almost a copy and paste of MLB the Show, which is not a bad thing per say since their Franchise mode is pretty solid...I'm referring to the scouting part mostly...also seems to be a variation of OOTP's. If you have GM grades and you start at F, then you need to accept that…
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