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  • Feels like there's a thread like this every year. I'm not too over the top with this soundtrack myself. There's one song that's in The Show as well...it throws me off every time it plays. Didn't like it there, don't like it here either...it's like a yearlong punishment or something.
  • Never once said it was for players not being on the right roster. I'm talking players with laughable attributes, wrong height, wrong weight. Heck, it has even happened in the past they would hold their stick in the wrong hand... Lines all messed up with players not playing on their usual lines. Players scratched that are…
  • Bob Cole ? No thanks.
  • A full season is pointless. Now bring it to Franchise where you can rebuild history like you do in FHM4 and I'm all for it. Could take my Sens from their humble beginnings back in the league at the start of the 90's and try to rebuild them. But for a single season...no thank you. Because while you want it to be 1996-1997,…
  • Of course you think it's a good idea, since it's yours. In order for it to be a good idea, it needs to make sense. How many players in the player base would actually use the rosters from 1996-1997 ? And sure, some of those stars are in the game already, but if you want it to be a true historical season, then 100% of the…
  • They should have all the players that have ever played. That would make for very interesting packs. "I just got a Sean Hill...I wonder if I should use him to replace Normand Rochefort or Mikhail Tatarinov".
  • Franchise Hockey Manager 4 is fun. It has its issues though, since it's only the 4th iteration of the game. Its biggest flaw is that it pales in comparison to the mother product of that company, Out of the Park Baseball (which is on its 18th iteration). It is a fun game though and if you are into text sim games I would…
  • Depends on the blocking you do. You can set it to just block random messages (such as random messages from bad winners like the OP).
  • Make sure it's not because you have too many rosters saved. I got that error when it was time to download the Dec 21st as well because I had too many. Just go down the list in the ones in September and October and delete them. You should be able to download the roster after that.
  • I changed my sliders because I didn't like the scores in my Franchise as well. Just like you, there were too many 8-5 games for my taste. I've been VERY pleased so far with the results. My last few games was a 3-0 win shutout over LA, a 3-2 loss vs NJ, a 4-3 OTL vs STL and a 3-1 loss vs COL. I won a game 6-2 vs Dallas at…
  • A Carey Price card because it's been a horror show in net for him so far.
  • Honestly ? I think it's really sad that not even one month after the game is out someone has to go out of his way to make HUT interesting offline. I command you for your idea. I also only play offline. I used to love the random tournaments too...always thought it would be awesome to keep them, but when they are generated…
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