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  • There are sliders in the game which can explain the different problems people have. Start an offline game and you can view all the different parameters before you begin the game. Things like your shots going wide or pass accuracy can be adjusted thr…
  • It's going to be soon. NHL 19 was a ripoff at $65. I expect the game to go on sale in December for 20-30 bucks.
  • It was brought up multiple times during nhl 19. EA could've watched a few games on twitch if they wanted proof. I guess it wasn't on their to-do list of things to fix for 20.
  • Sounds like a nice concept on paper but with EA, so many things can go wrong or simply not work. (Quote) +! I remember the beta. Then the game came out and a few months later, we were back at nhl 18. I suspect the HUT streamers/game changer member…
  • The problem is it would be nearly impossible to enforce this. If there's a report button, it would be heavily abused. Just get their name down and back out any future games with that opponent. This has been a thing ever since online hockey started.
  • (Quote) You are only supposed to complain about the tilt when you lose your games not when you win. /sarcasm
  • (Quote) How many pauses do you get per game? If it's only one, you pretty much have to save that pause for the end of the game and not utilize it for something like calling a timeout. Again, EA continues the cycle by trying to fix something which …
  • All of the things you guys are bringing up is clearly explained by dynamic difficulty adjustment. It's actually built into the game...look it up. There's a ton of info about this system with Fifa since so many play that over NHL.
  • I had the exact same opinion for 19 when it first came out. But after a month or so with the updates and tuners, they reverted many things I didn't enjoy like the skate in mud feel or slowing the speed of the game down. Pretty much spent $65 for a g…
  • (Quote) It's not really the stick that's the problem but the switch attached to pcb board which gets worn out. You need to solder to really fix the problem. Controllers made today are absolute junk compared to ones from older systems.
  • (Quote) EA doesn't know their target demographic.
  • 1. Older games used a bar gauge revealing how much momentum you had. 2. EA recently filed a patent for adjusting sliders called "dynamic difficulty adjustment". 3. A statement from a developer denying DDA doesn't amount to anything. EA h…
  • (Quote) online versus. It really doesn't matter who it is. It also doesn't matter if you are slightly ahead or parallel with the opponent, there's a weird catchup mechanic or something that prevents breakaways. Everyone hits top speed in just a few…
  • (Quote) How though? I get an extra two or three steps on a defender and that guy is always catching up to me. Breakaways are almost nonexistent. Even when I use the hustle feature on a fresh line. I'm not seeing the speed of real hockey players fro…
  • (Quote) The skating in 1.03 is better than this tuner? That I find hard to believe. 1.03 has the worst skating by FAR. I played a handful of more games today so I have mixed feelings about this tuner. It doesn't resemble the beta even close. The p…
  • (Quote) The tuner before this one was actually a pain with puck control. Winning faceoffs was almost meaningless and often it was beneficial to let opponent win in certain areas. The touch to the skates and losing it was out of control. The tuner s…
  • I only play versus so this is my take on it after a few games. Puck control is definitely improved. I'm not losing it so easily to the slightest bumps from players or skates. Stick lifts can be used again. Poke checks are more effective but in a goo…
  • (Quote) People have brought this up multiple times before but it always goes over the guys at EA. They'll give you all this wishy-washy talk about how they brought in the skill-gap when they've made it easier for anyone to play this game. They slow…
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