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  • Welcome to the club. Happens to me on a weekly basis.
  • Yea I remember when Rammer said this. Like you said, the problem with that statement is that I've experienced "identical" bugs in EA NHL long before and after their statement about rebuilding the game. I'm pretty convinced that EA's management is the main source to why this franchise might be dying. The developers are just…
  • The old EA games had momentum bars displayed while you play. EA claims they are not doing this anymore. Also there's a paper-trail for a system connected to EA called DDA (Difficulty dynamic adjustment). https://www.reddit.com/r/FIFA/comments/7hgg20/what_is_this_dda_everyone_is_talking_about/ It's a nasty can of worms and…
  • 200mbps internet here. Input delay is alive and well here. Even in games with great ping. My entire setup is wired, no wifi. I'm using a very capable pc monitor, no tv. All other games (much more advanced games by the way) play perfectly fine. Stop blaming the users. The network coding/servers in this game just flatout…
  • Some nights ago, I played a versus game and I always manage my own strategies a certain way. When I started playing, I just knew immediately I was going to lose the game. All the old problems like skate in the mud feeling, bouncing off players after initiating a hit, passes going all over the place, shots going wide, my…
  • This is sad to say but year after year, it's clear EA is cutting corners with this franchise. Probably a good reason why there are not a lot of people playing this anymore because of the way EA handled things. I think EA did this to themselves and they deserve it. They should pull the plug on the franchise. Then, let a few…
  • Online versus for me is more about which goalie is standing on his head. You can put together some of the craziest plays and never score if the goalie decides to be spiderman.
  • Of course these games are rigged. EA used to display things like momentum bars.
  • After you play the first game, it does keep the strategies unless you exit the team selection screen. Not sure if it's the same with lines.
  • Need simple things like saving strategies before searching a game. They left this feature out for some years now which I find sad.
  • The performance of AI goalies are what determines my games. It leads to a lot of lopsided games. The goalies are too frequently playing below professional level.
  • Only play versus here. The speed of the game feels fine. The lag/input delay is more troublesome for me. And the problem isn't on my end.
  • Disagree with op. I do not know what team Im going against or the opponents connections until the game starts loading.
  • There are sliders in the game which can explain the different problems people have. Start an offline game and you can view all the different parameters before you begin the game. Things like your shots going wide or pass accuracy can be adjusted through these sliders. It's a rather huge list of parameters that you can…
  • It's going to be soon. NHL 19 was a ripoff at $65. I expect the game to go on sale in December for 20-30 bucks.
  • It was brought up multiple times during nhl 19. EA could've watched a few games on twitch if they wanted proof. I guess it wasn't on their to-do list of things to fix for 20.
  • Sounds like a nice concept on paper but with EA, so many things can go wrong or simply not work. +! I remember the beta. Then the game came out and a few months later, we were back at nhl 18. I suspect the HUT streamers/game changer members are the reason this franchise is the way it is. Watch some of the streams and see…
  • The problem is it would be nearly impossible to enforce this. If there's a report button, it would be heavily abused. Just get their name down and back out any future games with that opponent. This has been a thing ever since online hockey started.
  • You are only supposed to complain about the tilt when you lose your games not when you win. /sarcasm
  • How many pauses do you get per game? If it's only one, you pretty much have to save that pause for the end of the game and not utilize it for something like calling a timeout. Again, EA continues the cycle by trying to fix something which isn't broken.
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