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  • Ha, nope. I'm still being put on EASHL 6vs6 teams, as a goalie, where we're outshot, out chanced, out scored, out disciplined, too many icings against, too many offsides against, too much teammate on teammate hitting, very little defence and too man…
  • Ha, I'm no longer surprised at what error I'm going to receive prior to an EASHL 6vs6 game starting or not, and most recently quoted: REMOVED FROM THE GAME You have been removed from the dressing room. That's not a word for lie. Last year, in NHL…
  • I'm just north of St. Albert (Sturgeon County), and my ping for this game is roughly around 65ms. That's 150DL/15UL connected via LAN, a new modem, a new PS4 Pro and a new LG 4K TV. Hey, EA, contrary to your (popular) belief, this problem is on you…
  • Fixing, completing, and/or making sense of this game is FAR BEYOND DRIVEN.
  • Ha, no....pe. Threes Eliminator: ROUND 1, passes, shots, goals, etc., work. ROUND 2, passes, shots, goals, etc., work. FINAL, in space, lack of oxygen, floating aimlessly, no control of your controller. Ha, yeah, it's fixed....
  • I've recently, as in yesterday, switched over to a 55" Samsung 4K TV and a PS4 Pro. As awesome as "The Division 2" now looks, and that's just one of my 100+ gigabyte games, the NHL 20 non-hockey related gear and clothing look even more idiotic. Ha, …
  • This has happened to me, on too many occasions. It's hard enough to get wins as a goalie, in EASHL, but to then have wins not even count? All of that time and energy, for absolutely nothing, a recorded loss and negative competitive rating points. I …
  • You know, I've come across comments like this, from developers and/or moderators, about what's been asked or demanded to be put into hockey video games. The thing that I can't understand is, who's really in control about what's implemented into the …
  • Online gameplay, especially EASHL, is far too slow, too many delays, too many pauses, and not enough immersive gameplay. Example 1: the opening introductions/dance-off. Is that hockey? That's a rhetorical question. We no longer have the option to…
  • That's even worse than when the goalie is in the butterfly position, and for some unknown reason lifts up a pad to watch the puck go into the net. :/
  • @ EA_Blueberry I'm going to refrain from quoting your entire response, for simplicity and easy reading. The type of people that are cheating the online community know full well that there's going to be a backlash. But let's be realistic here, …
  • The biggest issue that is glaringly obvious is, especially when it comes to the defencive responses, protection. By refusing to allow the community to see the individuals that are purposely exploiting the online community, EA is purposely protecting…
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