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  • Its the same for me in Sweden I get matched up against other swedes abd finnish guys mostly and it is almost always 3 green bars but the game lags almost every time. I have 200mb fibre but it lags so much that it makes it so hard to play. Passes wont go off, poke checks come 1 sec after button is pressedn and so on. Takes…
  • 99 Jagr is a beast as should be. St Louis and Bure best Legends for me. Legend Gonchar has been really good but will probably be replaced with Evo Hedman when he arrives =)
  • 99 Jagr and EVO Karlsson and of course the russian rocket Bure. My Evo Ovi will most likely stay year out also
  • They are a bit OP on Superstar but I have managed to beat all of the challenges, just takes a few tries sometimes and sometimes I get all 3 stars in one game. It is a BIG difference when I know played with a stacked team vs my starter team. I have very little problem to complete the challenges, just a matter of skill and I…
  • Mcinnis is good value, not as slow as in 17 and a wicked shot. Totw Pietrangelo is also a really good RD
  • Maybe you are just a slow learner. Try changing your strategies and play a few games where you just study your opponent if he is better than you, then play som offline games and try it out vs the computer so you get a hold of it.
  • I Pulled a Pronger, Bossy, Bourque and Evo Gaudreau from one big and one small pack so Black Friday ftw!
  • I know how to draw penaltys, I have completed every challenge BUT as I said in some games they just dont get called for the hooking penaltys, I skated in corcle sfor 3 periods exactly as your video and didnt get one single penalty so my only opinion about it is that it is quite boring to just skate around trying to get a…
  • Only times the ratings doesn´t matter in online is when it is connection issues. I outskate player with lower rated teams easily with speedsters like St Louis but as they said you really see the difference in offline. Although scoring with a high rated player is also much easier in online games. The game will never be a…
  • Yeah this one was tough but because of 2 pp goals, breakaways is rather easy, take a penalty and hoover the blue line until you can intercept a pass and you will get your breakaway
  • That is not true, I talk to random opponents and there are once in a while a few that complains about the things ju mention but only when they lose, never have I heard of someone complaining when they win. I stated that yes the game has its flaws but I think they improved a lot over the years and I have a ton of fun…
  • I have don it several times but on superstar level they are really disciplined and dont take that many penltys so it sometimes takes a ricdicolous amount of time to get draw that penalty, and on superstar it is not super easy to score on that Power play either so yeah it can take a lot of time. Breakaways are more easy,…
  • Yeah well the odds are against you, but you could have saved the SOTM packs to a better week, or as you say take the safe route and sold them off. I had gathered 20 collectibles from the beginning and chose to sell them for 10k each, 200k safe instead of a gamble to get both stammer and kuch. Kuch is now around 250k and…
  • That is the only challenge they need to remove, forcing the AI to take a Penalty is ridicolous. Challenges shouldn´t rely on the AI do to anything. Id rather see challenges like, score 1 goal with a tip in or score 2 or more one timers.
  • That is why it is called gambling. You could get lucky and make profit but the odds are against you.
  • Love how people complain over the terrible bad AI and in the next post they complain that Challenges against the AI on Allstar and Superstar is to hard because the AI is OP. Yes the game have issues and some games feels like you just cant win, but that random factor will always be there. Just like in real life sometimes…
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