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  • I rarely take penalties at all. But yes the CPU is well the CPU so of course they are gonna be next to flawless. Older years it was easier to manipulate the CPU instead penalties but that has changed. But I am guessing you are playing offline so I would suggest messing around with sliders til you feel it is right
  • Yeah as Zombie said. It's usually 20-24hrs later you get the rewards. But usually people wait to open them cause new cards or sets come Fridays.
  • Sadly it isn't really possible . But I very much feel it's a Spectrum thing when it comes to EA type games. Cause my connections are pretty much the same for all their sports titles. My brother lives like 5 miles from me and has ATT Fiber gigabit and it's great connections.
  • I have Spectrum also in FLorida and they aren't the best at taking the blame for things. They tend to have poor routing.
  • That's some pretty awesome news there
  • Having the puck in the offensive zone is not ragging at all. And if you watch lots of the good esports player they do move it around because they need to create that opening. Remember you also tire out your opponent staying in their zone. I get what you want but a good goalie should stop majority of non high quality shots…
  • What he is getting at is shoot smarter not for numbers. The elite hold onto the puck for the almost sure thing goals.
  • NHL 22 DUAL ENTITLEMENT & CONTENT MIGRATION DUAL ENTITLEMENT When you purchase the EA SPORTS™ NHL® 22 X-Factor Edition for Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation®5, you will also be able to play it on Xbox One and PlayStation®4, respectively. If you purchase the X-Factor Edition for Xbox One or PlayStation®4, you can also play it…
  • I mean you are playing offline. It doesn't get more boring than that IMO. The AI is easy to learn so it gets repetitive fast because good people can make them do what they want. I don't believe in the RNG part because even on the hardest difficulty I can destroy the CPU over and over with ease. It's probably that you…
  • Nah you can be stupid and careless with your pokechecks without real fear of a penalty unless you seriously get into their body touching them and poke. There is improving it and then there is making it stupid easy for anyone.
  • Pokechecking is extremely powerful with next to no consequences. So it's more of a challenge but if you can get around the people it's slightly easier to get away from their mistake of spamming. As for the AI. They do some very weird things at times leaving their assignment for no reason. The game just needs a complete AI…
  • Since I'm really blunt I'll say that it's still NHL to me. Just some minor changes but cross crease is still amazing. AI is still terrible. Once people find out more tricks the game will be just as deadly.
  • I'm enjoying it from playing a couple HUT games and WoC organized 6s. I never seem to run into the raggers that everyone claims to go against or I just don't consider what they do as ragging I guess. Game feels like the beta and I'm happy about that.
  • There is a slider called.... ATTRIBUTE EFFECTS.... The effects attributes will have on your players. It's normally at 5/10 I believe. I'm not sure if that means say 90 speed is 90 speed or less depending the value of attribute effects
  • I mean for me that should only really affect things like stamina which in return would have its effect on the other attributes
  • To me it's a baffling thing. Attributes should always be 100% of their effectiveness
  • Interesting thing in the 2nd video they talked about the formations like the 1-3-1 and they said they can't commit they are working on it but they know they need to make changes. To me that says AI might getting a big revamp for NHL 23/24. Something like that could be a huge gamechanger to so many problems. It's best they…
  • You guys can go ahead and do it if you want.
  • It's just a copy n paste of the link and I am just hoping @EA_Blueberry can merge it with the locked topic so we can talk in that area.
  • Hope this topic can just be merged with the locked one. Lots of great information in both videos going into detail about changes and even how some mechanics work so you get a better idea of why things happen or how they work. Overall I'm quite happy with what I heard. I have a pretty good understanding of the important…

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