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  • Not sure if I have to take my original post back haha. Had a game where I was leading and the opponent quit. Got a loss and I asked EA about it and they sent me connection help for xbox. I Told them I had a ps4 and showed the opponent's recent record which was all "DISC" or "DNF WIN". They replied by sending me another…
  • The problem is they've been getting complaints about unfair play/ice tilt every day for the past years. Every big gaming company gets the same kind of complaints every day. I agree it would be nice to get an input from EA as to why those things might happen, but they wont give us much more than an average username does.…
  • Maybe give these strategies and try and see how it feels after that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GPJCKCPXpY
  • This is what I've been thinking. Recently I've started getting better and on route to win 3 first div titles in a row and very rarely lose unless I feel the opponent really is better. So deciding the winner in advance shouldn't be true. However, there are games where I play a team with random base cards and do feel like my…
  • 11 packs. One 87 base Kopitar. No collectibles.
  • 95% of the games these days I face Stamkos Kucherov Crosby Gaudreau etc. I have a fast paced 92-94 overall team and they feel really good to play with but... Just played a 1div game and faced a guy who only had secondary ice/evo players, who knows maybe even base players (Barkov Rakell Gothsiberge Aho, Draisaitl, some…
  • That makes sense, actually kind of cool playing that way.
  • What's this 7mil coins thing about? Heard many people talking about it :smiley: Gotta be a pretty stacked team if a 96 Messier doesn't fit in.
  • But then again, we don't go selling our real Christmas gifts either ;) Anyone have any clue on what cards you are most likely going to get, if I open some packs today? Or is it all random and not depending on which day you open?
  • I got a 92 Christmas Sakic, Ice Mcdavid, Ovechkin, Weber and a few other 88 overallish guys + the gold collectibles. For some reason haven't really enjoyed playing with Ice Ovi. With the stats being what they are these days he seems too slow and stiff. Does anyone know if the day in which you open packs (CS awards i.e)…
  • Few months back I had the faceoff loop happen every 2nd or 3rd game. If by this you mean the 6 consecutive faceoffs before losing connection? I had a similar experience which I reported. EA said that anyone who quits in the middle of the game can be reported for cheating. Never knew "rage quitting" was considered as a…
  • I wonder if "ice tilt" is all about the connection after all. Perhaps they're not lying about balancing odds or favoring the other, but they just wont correct us about the real issue which could be this one? Just had a game like this, where even though the opponent was probably better and had better player, it felt like…
  • [/quote]Really its "coding not a human being?" You can code in a delay to simulate human reaction. You sound like a EA sympathizer. Completely missing the point of the post. [/quote] I don't think I missed out the point. I agree it has a lot of flaws but the way to make it superstar and the CPU at the hardest level…
  • So basically everyone gets the same reward and you don't have to do anything to get "extra" as an individual?
  • Thanks for the replies. In depth stats could be the thing, but still don't understand the lack of Brodeurs. Someone said they felt bigger goalies played better as well.
  • The only thing that really annoys me is if you give them a shot in the last 10 seconds, it will 75% go in. As for cheating, of course it cheats. It's coding and not a human being. The only way it can work is by reacting automatically to your moves and taking some advantages. That will always be the only way a computer…
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