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  • Ofcourse you will feel that you get ”tilt discount” when you buy pax4$$$! Why do you think its is? The mode is all about it! Why do you think so many gamers has jumped the game? Merry xmas and a happy new tilt year!
  • The only thing ive left to test on the tilt theory.... is changing login email = breaking my ”EA loyalty” thingy!? So i will prbly get/buy 21 just to test that theory alone! If the result is that i get the delux tilt.... then i will simply end it all and laugh forever when i think back on it. Btw. What did you all got in…
  • CONGRATS EVERYONE!!! Merry xmas and a happy new tilt year!!🤣
  • @Z0mbieBabyJesus: Its only glitchcheaters that react that way. But yes i play VS too! But that doesnt satisfy my ”strategy” needs. And all the offline modes are so ai robotic (and tilty this title)! Chel would i play more often! IF THERE WAS ANY GAMERS ON SERVERS! (But every honest gamer has abonnoed the title) Plain and…
  • Sorry to say @martmet but you simply taking advanteg of to OP glitch. Just like everyone that use the hybrid controll on Xbox to take advanteg of the autocheck glitch! YES! I have both ps and Xbox. YES! I ”Can” take advantage of it to! NO! Its not hockey play and never will. Thereby no fun AT ALL! Glitching is CHEATING!…
  • @OprtnShtdwn Im with you! I have all the EA NHL games since NHLPA on snes! And every 2k that, in my mind, was better and more fun. the game developed good until 15. When Hut came in 14 it was a healthy injection. But when they released 15 it became clear how little they care about the acctual game and what interest them…
  • @martmet: Are you on ps? It sounds like you play on ps. And manage to take advantage on the ”protective bubble” that is OP on ps. On Xbox the OP is the ”autocheck” glitch using mainly hybrid controller setup. Its annoying like hell. Just skating around holding down the check-button and bumping everything on D.
  • So summary: the game has nothing to do with skills. Accept it as is and try to have fun Or Dont
  • Also when i say dont overpass/overdeke.... it means you are allowed to overskate (systematic circleskate).
  • To reduce/trick the 50%tilt. (Yes it has 50% impact this title....Rip) Dont have more than 2 1tier synergie active. Have a suitable BRONZE goalie as reserv. Nerver have the tactic u want to play preset. Change before puck drop. Dont over pass and dont over deke youl be punished next game. Always let in 2 goals to keep the…
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