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I'm a kid like you, the only difference is the job description.


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  • Hahahaha, I'm not defending them at all, I just find it hilarious that you would buy packs assuming there are unannounced players in the packs lol Did you even read my post or did you stop after the first line? The reason they put out the packs were the sets. Yes, the descriptions say there are prospects on SC player…
  • Do you play with fair connection? I've noticed when the connection is fair that's what happens, there's a delay and every pass and CPU controlled players are all over the place.
  • I don't get this rage, it's partly your fault. I know EA put packs in the game before any players eligible to be pulled but I have a logical reason why they did that. They added the 99 player sets and released the packs and the playoff packs are the only way to get playoff collectibles. I bet you just assumed there are new…
  • Looks like a great card tbh, have to try him. My only concern is his weight as he's 161lbs (73kg) and can be easily knocked off the puck with only 88 balance as well. Looking at the market his price is looking like where it should be, he's ''only'' 93 overall which makes him worth 40k+.
  • Yeah, he was featured in the offensive TOTY, why?
  • They had a mobile app in NHL 14 iirc, didn't take long for people to use it to bot the AH. I kinda miss it but it comes with so many problems I'd rather not have it again unless it's fully fixed and bot protected.
  • I have to agree with you, 95% of the games I match up against people who use CPU as their main style of defence or forechecking and when they have to defend by themselves they just spam the pokecheck like it's the end of the world. Now I'm not saying it's wrong or anything, just really annoying when I have to play against…
  • Most Finnish players have a combination of their real name and something as their PSN or GT and that usually gives up their origins. I bet you wouldn't catch me being Finnish through my PSN though. Considering the real issue here, I think there are issues with servers when Finns and British match, idk what the actual…
  • It shouldn't be over, but it's EA we are talking about. https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2017/nhl-18-pre-order-offers ''Final pack awarded on February 11, 2018.''
  • MS Kessel (95) - uLGD Crosby (UT, fml) - ICE McDavid LGD Bossy - ASG Sakic - LGD St. Louis ICE Karlsson - EVO Draisaitl - PT Hall iPOTG Kyrou - HERO Linden - iPOTG Abramov ICE Wheeler - XMAS Niedermayer ICE Pietro - TOTW Benn (92) LGD McDonald - EVO Barkov EVO Dubnyk - TOTW Elliott Active synergies: DZ, BM, PP, CP, LL, S,…
  • True, Heponiemi feels different from others though. Idk what it is but he seems to work the best for me.
  • Heponiemi has been the best one for me, I have him as my 3rd line C and he can absolutely burn everyone, the only negative thing about him is his size as he can be destroyed pretty easily with almost anyone.
  • Decided to sell my team and build a ''young guns'' team with players 24yo or under. Currently looking like this: 92 PT MacKinnon - ICE McDavid - ICE Gaudreau iPOTG Nylander - EVO Draisaitl - ICE Matthews iPOTG Yamamoto - iPOTG Heponiemi - EVO Drouin 87 PT Arvidsson - EVO Barkov - EVO Aho ICE Laine - EVO Ghost 91 PT Eichel…
  • Wait what? Everytime I go for a body check I either miss it or just bounce off the guy I'm trying to check. It's ridiculous how you're going to line up a perfect hit but can't connect it. I rarely get those big hits that benefit me, usually I just give a speed boost to the opponent by trying to hit.
  • Used to be base Getzlaf playing with base Panarin and base McDavid, all of those three were over 1ppg, Getzlaf being the closest to 2ppg. Nowadays it's 91 McDonald (2ppg) playing with 92 Messier (just short of 2ppg) and ICE McDavid (1.2ppg).
  • Had some changes since last time so I figured might as well post here. LG McDonald - LG Messier - ICE McDavid ICE Laine - HOTN Tavares - LG Recchi FB Kurri - LG Sittler - LG Heatley FF Barzal - FO Toews - FF Hischier ICE Karlsson - FB Bucyk LG Boyle - EVO Barkov Doughty - EVO McDonagh EVO Talbot - Danis Active synergies:…
  • I would recommend picking up either LG Messier or FO Toews. Both great cards, but I love Messier's ability to protect the puck and his passing is just awesome.
  • Panarin - Getzlaf - McDavid Seguin - Bäckström - Tarasenko MOV Nystrom - Giroux - Hall Marner - Duchene - Draisaitl Weber - Ekman-Larsson Pietrangelo - TOTW Brodie TOTW Larsson - Josi EVO Talbot - Wells Nothing major but a fun team to play with.
  • I mean why not sell it in the AH if you only want coins? Also you should remember you can't add coins to trades anymore so you would have to post it in the AH anyways.
  • Yeah it's pretty dead, at least when you compare to what it used to be during NHL 13-14. I used to have 5k+ posts but then they reseted the forums and it has never been the same.

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