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  • I tried to respond but I cant even right now. Hockey is a game of chess. If he wants to stay behind his net.. Steal the puck from him.. If he is baiting you ouy of position thats your fault.. If hes being a class a jerk then just quit the game.. Its 1 game..
  • You can actual tune the board effect/stumble effect of the boards in nhl 19 so it isnt new and I believe for online ranked versus it should be turned up so that all the board cheesers are eliminated.
  • Do it then.
  • Vision control and threat tracking is ruining the game. It is artificial a.i that "reads" the best scenarios your player could take leaving you , the user input, to "input" selext buttons for animations. Its a handicap through a s through.
  • Wth is fat man lag. Lag is lag bruh. They arent spending millions on servers to run ea nhl pick up hockey.
  • Although I agree on customization of your be a pro.. This is something that is down the list of priorities in this series. Ones elimanator, new? Shooting physics ( nope just animations) have been the forefront this year. In no particular order these should be priority. The effect the boards have on the game as a whole (…
  • Not with the current engine and/or code it wont.
  • For what it is I have enjoyable games each and every year. As far as the online competitive community options and depth go.. Its sad to see 2 game modes to choose from in versus.. Competitive, which displays no real authenticity to the game especially during board play where its so easy for the puck to go through the…
  • What? No. Please god no. If anything go the opposite way.. This game struggles to look or play good at the acceleration pace it is now. Top speed is ok but how quick you can get there with even bad skaters is really gameplay killing.
  • 6's.... Good 6's like back in 13 and 14 where you could change each and every aspect of your player including each and every stat is where this series needs to be. The goofy gameplay outside of club is cringe puke and fortnite worthy. Eashl drop in should go back to individual attritbutes in an actual arena with actual…
  • I heard the announcer say " Winner winner - gluten free, vegan dinner in these guys cases ".... Battle royal. Ww3 confirmed.
  • The incidental contact in this game is garbage. As far as auto stick lifts being in the game yes their are. All i have to do is get close enough to a player and the game will auto stick lift. Try it in practice mode in nhl 19. Its balonga. Incidental contact is balogna.. I can see accidental contact but incidental contact…
  • Guys. We didnt want nhl 15 for ps4. We have gotten almost nothing ea nhl 14 did well except for scouting and a progressively better looking nhl 15. This game is alllll about selling these days and not much about actual HOCKEY. Its an NHL branded hockey game that at its core probably pays the NHL logo a large sum of money…
  • Theres like no depth of presentations... Theres a few new things and thats it.. It tottaly lacks any real depth and it will get real old real fast. The key to a good game is lots and lots of variety in short amounts of gameplay. The sane thing happening over and over in the span of a whole 1 hour game played makes for a…
  • Loved everything you had to say. In response to the skating feeling clunky, it is. There is still bad a.i decision making when paired with user control and the cpu a.i just exploits or handicapps it self. It makes for a battle just to skate instead of it being responsive and very in depth with its control. The same goes…
  • And dont just make the acceleration faster, its stupid as it is in some scenarios. Momentum really isnt a thing much anymore instead its a program that anticipates your input.
  • Lets stick to the on ice product if we are going to be discussing improvements. While we are at it. If you watch the skating closely all it is is warping. The skating looks glitchy which makes for some real exploits in gameplay. The engine and code have got to go. Until then we are going to get ea nhl 2000 for the rest of…
  • Its the same game with different animations. Its the exact same game with different animations and a.i programming. The code written to control the way the game runs on its current engine is largely the sane as in almost every single one of EAs NHL series video games. Need I say more? But hey its the only HOCKEY game we…
  • Please take out auto stick lift. Please. Let us do the stick lifting. Theres nothing worse then not having to do the action manually and watching other teams online pick off passes automatically lift sticks etc etc just by skating. Let us control: Stick lifts Interceptions Reaching for loose pucks Controling the puck…
  • Why can I not stick handle my self.. Why is it a 1:1 control with large ugly animations? If you watch carefully.. The game while you are playing.. All you really need to do is yse your left stick for almost everything.. The gane will do it all for you if your close enough to the player... Even on hardcore skill stick sim…
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