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  • I dont believe the game is 4k so there shouldnt be any difference in the graphics between those systems...2nd one no one other than ea will be able to tell you until launch
  • Eashl is usually incredibly organized...drop in isnt EASHL, if you're playing that mode you're doing it wrong...you should look into leagues like leaguegaming.com for some organized play... Onto my criticism, fix your servers EA...how am i in vancouver, getting a 90+ ping to.the "central" server...this lag makes the game…
  • The settings in game are also not working, like others have mentioned you have to change it in WoC hub settings menu
  • Not only that, but once you eliminate the AI, its really hard to go back to playing modes with the terrible ai
  • The no skipping of replays i guess i can sort of understand, but the amount of times the replays are of absolutely nothing needs to be changed before something like this is useful. This will also add to the game length, and is honestly something i only see being used in esports playoffs/finals type scenarios. But if this…
  • ...meh More customization for attributes seems to be the big change and much needed streamlined menus. Nothing on added club customization, nothing on changes for drop ins, and club is still buried in the WoC hub.
  • Burying club even further down the menus lol...gotta love this company
  • Are we also just going to ignore the ridiculous defensive positioning by the blues on that 5 on 3? RD skates into LD's **** before skating towards the forward he left wide open for the easy tip goal. The Stamkos trip looks ridiculous too. Great, its a new animation, fail that the animation looks just as unrealistic than…
  • Making the game playable when on anything above a 20 ping would be a great start....west coast 6s players get absolutely boned because 95% of the competitive player base is from the east/central regions. Your "central server" is the exact same ping as your eastern server...that was the final straw for me. I put the game…
  • Being from the northwest is a death sentence for club...the northeast server should be okay/not great, but the central or east servers are basically non playable. A real central server has been desperately needed for years
  • Give up, EA doesnt give two sticks about us western players. Adding a south central server before a real central server was the final nail in my coffin. Haven't played the game other than my LG and Tourny commitments and I dont miss fighting the connection on a nightly basis.
  • You would be right, but this is a hockey game. How big is the user base in the southern United states really? You want to really lower the server load, create a TRUE CENTRAL SERVER. Last year we got a "central" server that is more East than the North East server, and this year we get a central server that is so far south…
  • You're playing a game mode that allows for this style of play. Simply put, eliminate the AI and you eliminate the play style you dont enjoy playing. Leaguegaming.com has a chat board with people that play every position for every skill level if finding an extra person or 2 is an issue.
  • Lol as if a texas server really addresses the issue...I would suggest 95-98% of the hardcore base of this game is from northern states/Canada...putting in a Texas server doesnt really address anything for us from the Pacific northwest/Alberta. I just dont get how difficult it is to understand, instead of marketing an OHIO…
  • There isnt any "fixing" it until you guys admit that the problem is your servers and not the individuals internet (although ISP does matter). If you're from the west, the 3 eastern servers give you a higher ping this year than they did last year. And yes, its 3 eastern servers, because the "central" server you guys added…
  • Desperately need to get rid of blue ice on those outdoor rinks...at least make it an option
  • The old lobby system was much better, but for whatever reason they're reluctant to address it. Many people use the chat boards on league gaming to find games so it sort of serves the same purpose. Not the most ideal, but it's all you really can do to make sure you're not in with a pile of turds every game.
  • The game isnt releasing exclusively for the new consoles, so the version of the game you play on the series x is the same game that you'll be playing on the one.
  • I just dont know what you can do to combat this...honestly your best bet is to sign up to a 3rd party site like league gaming and just look for people that need a skater when you're on and looking to play. But yea, I dont know how people play drop ins.
  • As I said in the other thread, if fat man lag kills you in 20 it will be the exact same in 21. Sucks that north America is too big for them to have adequate server coverage for, but it is what it is.
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