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  • Same here unplayable in North Carolina. Playing every game with a good 1 second delay and skate through mud all game playing on wired 940 mbps down / 40 mbps up with steady 9-11 ms ping all game. The game is literally unplayable against anyone decent at the game. Have tried upnp on/off, dmz on/off, port forwarding,…
  • Can you tell me why I have a 1 second delay and skate through mud all game playing on wired 940 mbps down / 40 mbps up with steady 9-11 ms ping all game? The game is literally unplayable against anyone decent at the game. Have tried upnp on/off, dmz on/off, port forwarding, changing multiple DNS servers including best from…
  • EVO Ovi - 99 Jagr - Bure 99 Iginla - EVO Crosby - Ice McDavid EVO Stamkos - Sakic - Ice Kucherov EVO MacKinnon - Sittler - EVO Matthews EVO Doughty - Niedermayer EVO Karlsson - Gonchar EVO Burns - Bourque 86 Dubnyk Silver backup Also have EVO Malkin, EVO Werenski, EVO Eichel, EVO Kane, bunch of carbons and 300k.
  • EVO Ovechkin - 99 Jagr - LGD Bure 99 Iginla - EVO Crosby - PT 92 McDavid EVO Stamkos - LGD Sakic - 93 Kucherov MOV Lanny - LGD Sittler - FB Zetterberg/Modano EVO Doughty - LGD Niedermayer EVO Karlsson - LGD Gonchar EVO Burns - LGD Borque 86 PT Dubnyk (best goalie no idea how) Silver backup for synergy
  • Stupid they gave these out. Just like Richards.
  • I was a little upset getting TOTY Pacioretty, TOTY Schiefele, and an 89 overall non NHL TOTY player in my 3 player set. Watched a bunch of people on twitch rip theirs and realized I was actually quite lucky with what I got.
  • Game has been insanely slow/laggy/delayed over the past few weeks for whatever reason. Competitive season matchups are 10x worse especially when I move up in the standing and player better players, connection gets worse.
  • I'm hoping for Kesler. He started the year really good but then dropped off a ton. Would still be a beast of a card.
    in DTOTY Reply by HEP2214 March 2017
  • These young guns rated so high are ridiculous. McDavid and Laine rate them 97 sure but the rest should be no higher than a 90-92. Completely ruins what a 99 Kane, Crosby, Malkin would be.
  • All I can say is if EA doesn't get rid of these listed below I'm not buying the game and I've probably easily been one of their top spending players each year. Not much losing one person but they are losing customers bc EA caters to losers who don't put money into their game. 1. No player shown at pregame matchup screen 2.…
  • I have used all of the top players in the game. I would give it to TOTY Stamkos. Defensively would have to give it to MOV Hedman but I have yet to try the 97 Pronger. Will get him sometime this week and have a feeling his card will take over that top spot.
  • Have tried about 15 goalies ranging from 86 overall to 96 overall and they are all the same. Only thing that matters is not giving up high percentage shots and having a good connection. Bad connection everything will go in regardless of who you have. Good connection and all goalies are stopping everything. I just choose a…
  • Yeah there is and it's always much worse on one players end
  • Have an offer of 1,050,000 but it isn't firm. He's working on the coins.
  • 1. Get rid of goalie records 2. Get rid of top player at menu 3. Do not show your opponents name. Can only look after. 4. Once you click start you can't back out without a loss, even before the puck drops (since we have connection shown prior to start) 5. Players shouldn't be able to intercept passes with their back to the…
  • Shanahan - 99 Datsyuk - MOV Crosby MOV Ovechkin - MOV Toews - MOV Malkin MOV Stamkos - MOV Bergeron - MOV Tarasenko Sullivan - Linden - MOV Marchand MOV Weber - Ohlund MOV Karlsson - MOV Hedman Blake - ASG Faulk TOTW Andersen - TOTW Bronze goalie with 2TW and 1T MOV Backstrom, MOV Zetterberg, Kaberle, and MOV Matthews…
  • Sold him
  • It's not fixed. Just had it happen to me on Xbox. NYR16 was his name I think. I was up 6-0 and that's all he was doing. I never hit anything but still got the boot.
  • Shanahan - M. Richards - MOV Crosby MOV Ovechkin - Linden - MOV Tarasenko Sullivan - Brind'Amour - MOV Malkin TOTW MacKinnon - Datsyuk/MOV Toews - WCOH Bure MOV Karlsson - Ohlund Blake - MOV Hedman MOV Burns - Redden Kolzig POTG Hutchinson All synergies except TT and B activated I think. Have Datsyuk 4th line C right now…
  • Yeah same here. I need more upgraded cards I can actually use (going to have to be 94 overall+) No sense in me buying a single pack until TOTY comes out with the team I have at this point. Also have a ton of coinage and 20 carbons sitting around.
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