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  • Horrible game, you almost ruined the nhl franchise with this one, you get one more shot for me anyway.
  • I was playin a mut game, got an interception towards the end, my own guy trips me up and they called me down by contact. I thought you could get back up and run if it was your teammate that touched you last? Guess the game is set to college rules, so only one foot is needed to be down for it to count as a catch as well?…
  • I agree! I played nhl 14, dynasty mode for 4 seasons, then went to be a pro, played 4 more seasons, all on supertstar. IDK how many games i played. I play every game of the seasons too I don't simulate. I even turned the goalies response time up to make it a lil tougher to score goals. Won the cup pretty much every year.…
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