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  • [quote="Milllidelphia;c-2160698"]Good job EA. Half of your community cant access HUT mode and im shocked you guys ain't doing anything since thats where most of your profits come from is people buying packs[/quote] And the other half doesnt WANT to because you cant play with a friend, other than silly challenges or 3v3…
  • How about you patch in the online seasons so we can play with a friend? I cant speak for anyone else but I wont be booting up NHL21 for the second time before that happens. Waste of money.
  • "Removed Game Modes With NHL 21 introducing HUT Rush, along with HUT Rivals being introduced in NHL 20, we’ve removed Online Seasons and Draft Champions from NHL 21. These decisions were made to streamline the Online experience in HUT and ensure matchmaking pools aren’t too diluted which would result in longer matchmaking…
  • 100% agree. These changes must be some of the most **** decisions I've ever seen in a game. Why take out something that makes the game worth playing. Did you run out of discspace with all the new dekes and HUT Rush and needed to make room, by deleting the modes worth playing? I'm sorry, but this is the most cheated I've…
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