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  • Honestly this has become WAYYYYYY more of a lack of care from a developer than I thought even Trash EA was capable of. At this point I hope NONE of you who deal with this issue including myself by the game next year. EA has shown that they don't care about the errors at all. Over a month after release and they are…
  • Don't count on it making the game what the players want. EA doesn't listen even a little bit.
  • So basically we are back to square one and you guys are trying to find where the issue is coming from still? Unreal man [Removed all caps]
  • So are we going to get any kind of follow up to this issue and the "fix" that didn't work for most people. @EA_Roger @NHL_ONL_Producer
  • They have no idea. They don't have a fix. Currently I'm sure they are in all out panic mode because the "fix" they released to us did NOTHING (they will say it cut back on errors a lot, it probably didn't.) So now they are all freaking out trying to come up with the next story they can tell us about how well the patch…
  • no one has seen any changes. They won't help with refunds unless you bought it on origin, as if ANYONE uses their horrible market place. They didnt fix the error in beta, they still havent fixed the game. just uninstall NHL 19 and PLEASE no one buy NHL 20. They do this because they get away with it. we all buy the next…
  • SO here we are again boys, another weekend of the devs taking our money and not fixing the dam game they put out half finished. Honestly at this point someone would have to steal my card for me to pay for NHL 20 next year. They release a "server fix" that they claim to be the main issue.... well NO ONE on these forums has…
  • It's Friday, if this weekend is anything like the last 2 weekends, the next time we will hear anything from a dev will be Monday or Tuesday. Doesn't seem thus far that they are working weekends sadly. Another week of no CHEL.
  • Tomorrow will be TWO full weeks with all of World of Chel not working. I honestly don't see them having a solution any time soon. Based on the answers they gave us to begin with, they don't know what the problem is or how to fix it thus they choose to IGNORE this issue in the beta. Learned my lesson though, no more…
  • Honestly feeling defeated and like we are just stuck with a broken game. I spent $70 on a game that i straight up can not play. All I care about is EASHL, so when you guys hyped world of CHEL I was INSANELY excited about this years game. Now that excitement is beyond gone and I literally just want my $70 back. Between…
  • well boys another week gone because lord knows the devs aren't going to try and fix the game they had people pay for because well they don't work on the weekends.
  • Here we go again boys.... Another weekend where the devs go silent and we are all unable to play EASHL for ANOTHER week. This is insane man
  • Dear lord. Who is doing coming up with these solutions? First it was open port when we had already said that did not make a difference. Then it was to use a mobile hotspot to play, and now its to literally take your PS4 to a friends house? No way these are actual responses right? It isn't a network issue on the user side.…
  • Its because a lot of us can not play EASHL because of the dressing room errors
  • Have you seen the pinned post? A TON of people are having the issue. We posted videos and pictures but they have gone silent.
  • The sad thing is..... this issue was report by myself and others FIVE days ago, on the 11th, TUESDAY it is now SUNDAY and there still hasn't been a fix. This is going to sink this game IMO. Already too late people aren't playing the game already
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