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  • So if I post there am I gonna get my coin reimbursement for your glitch
  • Still waiting on a answer EA is this the type of customer service I should expect from your company
  • Another thing that needs to be fixed is passing idk how many times I’m aiming at a player and the pass is off and misses the player completely I’ve tried three different controllers thinking that’s the problem but it’s not
  • There is so much wrong with this franchise but they don’t care just as long as they get our money in hut
  • My team is 90 overall just lost twice to a team in squad battles that’s a 71 overall my offense and defense had a 30 point difference in rocking 6 synergies including both that boost my whole team and I’m playing all-star yet somehow I lose to a team that has a 77 overall goalie and I have the 91 Renne from the winter…
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