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  • I think most of us would appreciates some specificity to this post. I play a lot of drop-in but not sure what you're referencing as broken. I assumed most of the issues were related to a generally low population pool.
  • How is the game's recognition of net bumps vs. interference? I'd rather not just rack up penalty minutes because I'm doing this incorrectly.
  • Agree fully. The novelty wears off pretty quickly when A) the rink is essentially always the same B) There aren't any uniforms to give a variation in the players. Even if this were random at lobby join, it would still be welcomed. It's somewhat disappointing to only see a uniform in EASHL club matches and even then, it's…
  • AI Goalies are getting shredded in EASHL. Now I know the "ideal" scenario is to have human v human goalies but we need to be realistic - that almost never happens and the odds of a goalie dropping out early is pretty high. I think most people playing online now are fairly seasoned if not very experienced. Most of us would…
  • Okay but in all honesty, do you think getting holiday commentary affected the budget to the extent of losing a whole feature? I think we all can assume this was pre-recorded before release. I can’t imagine that EA came to Doc and Edzo mid-season to grab a few sound bytes. As in, the budget was healthy for a really great…
  • The tie-up function definitely could use a little work. Unless you're in front of the net (which I recommend using the hold 'Y' or 'Triangle' net battle in this scenario), I don't know if there's really a good reason to hold stick-lift anywhere else on the ice. Certainly never use it anywhere unless you are absolutely…
  • I agree gameplay first but somehow most people always argue that somehow some minor aesthetic got into the game and a major core function did not. I really doubt that the reason one made it over the other is due to an issue in the allotment of resources. There has to be enough time to add both. I can’t fathom a…
  • Even an add-on to the already arcade-style Threes could have a pretty slick (Boston accent) pawnd hawkey arena. It would be at least a first step in that direction.
  • I don’t think hybrid icing is inconsistently called. It seems to work most of the time, unless you’re one of those players constantly trying to use long flips or slap shots as a Hail Mary pass. However, I think your idea is interesting. Since most EASHL players behave with reckless abandon, player safety a non-issue in a…
  • Even though I feel like one of the people who actually enjoy the game (maybe I haven’t played enough to hate it yet) I agree here. Funny thing is that in years past I’ve always wanted the puck to be “harder” to settle. I turn down pass accuracy/reception, etc. Now we have a puck that actually does have a significant amount…
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