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  • Fix the Manitoba Moose jerseys Antler Name & Numbers! Comon EA
  • Still missing the Val d’or foreurs, WB Penguins & Rockford Ice Hogs Alternate Jerseys. Did they miss something? Because they are not in the game.
  • Can we get something like if your controlling the farm teams you should be able to release a player/waive option. For example the Hartford Wolfpack just had a situation where they had to terminate the contract of Robin Kovacs, then Malte Strömwall was just released as per WolfPack. You should have the option to send your…
  • SCOOTER VAUGHAN - CHICAGO WOLVES is listed as a defenseman but is a Forward please update. BROCK TROTTER is missing on the Wolves JAKE BISCHOFF is missing on the Wolves
  • Example https://www.flickr.com/photos/manitobamoose/37649924922/in/album-72157687295753580/
  • Oh my... no not EA!? They would do something like that , S.M.H
  • Indeed
  • Exactly you nailed it, what EA should do i release a game every two years, so they do have enough time to make a descent game. It's the same game every year, all they can do is patch few things up and update the rosters. What is the issue?
  • Raphael Díaz is duplicated, on EV ZUG, and in Free Agents pool S.M.H
  • Christian Ehrhoff is duplicated, he’s in the free agents pool and he’s on the DEL German LEAGUE Kölner Haie! Comon EA wake up, why are you charging us 64$ for a same **** game, that has the same issues every damn year! Wake up smell the coffee! S.M.H
  • Can someone tell me how is Vadim Shipachyov on Vegas Golden Knights if he never played an NHL game? This doesn’t make any sense!
  • He played in the KHL last year, so before he's in NHL 18, has to play regular season one game, Metallurg Magnitogorsk is not in the NHL series and NO KHL license.
  • Yup, Saw that, thanks for the heads up fellas
  • It's such a joke, every year same lines, same sayings, comon EA, really? You charge 64$ for a game that is the same, nothing has changed, when are you going to start making games like the FIFA series? Lots of fans are unhappy. Give the fans what they want. Stop ripping people off.
  • SkrappyBraun just food for thought, why would he be on Frolunda when he never played for them? Check the link, http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=192069
  • Where is Lias Andersson ? Why some players are on the SHL teams and this guy is not ? Doesn’t make any sense.

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