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  • 4. You can edit your PK/PP lines before games start. You're presenting with the edit lines screen before matchmaking begins. Tried this. The only changes i could find was the quick change (x button) from the players selected by the coach. I will look further.
  • They already do this in fifa, so why not in NHL. So ea must already know how to do this. Its a no brainer. Not every one has the time to play a daily game limit they have families and work and other life things to take care of first. Me personally find it very tiring to play 8 games sat and 8 games sun, yet could…
  • No it doesn't!!! In fifa you can still play squad battles offline for reward packs and coins.
  • 1. To have some home games in SB. You do it in fifa so why not NHL? 2. Better rewards for players (like myself) that don't play online. I give this format a wide berth due to the difficulty in finding games due to the 8hr time difference and the amount of cheats on there. 3. Scrap the refreshing of scoreboards. Ea know…
  • No. Its not incidental. For example, you're winding up for a slap shot and your own team mate pokes the puck away if nearby. As for the passing, i don't have the technology or know how of how to send you examples, i only have my old Xbox. But as you already know about it, it must be a issue as other people have reported…
  • You can already do this. Pause your game, go across to manage teams, then select quick goalie swap. You can also pull your goalie and edit strategies from this menu.
  • I have been getting June collectables in packs, yet its 3rd July. Can you explain please EA.
  • [quote="EA_Aljo;d-259763"]Hey everyone, There's been some talk of the soundtrack for NHL recently. I've merged a couple threads here so we can continue the discussion. What kinds of music do you want? Should it represent the sport or is it more up to personal preference? Should there even be a soundtrack or just a custom…
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