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  • Yes it's rather polarizing. Strategies such as the 1-2-2 and 1-4 are the only strategies I see. I wouldn't mind seeing a buff to forechecking and dumping the puck, as well as a more focused role on how fatigue plays out in 3 periods of hockey to help align the game more towards reality.
  • Great.. I was playing the 4th round of Draft Champions only to have the servers disconnect on me... there goes my premium pack.
  • Gotcha and thank you for the timely response. I'd imagine it wouldn't be that hard to implement visual synergies boosts in the player stats profile via green numbers adjacent to the stat itself.
  • Nice. I'll have to mess around with it more and perfect it. I got this other video I was watching today on sportsnet https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-technological-forefront-new-tracking-tools/ It got me wondering if you guys would consider using this sort of data in future projects?
  • https://youtu.be/EklmEnFbEL4?t=182 Here's a great video on Barzal's skating that I think really sums up how crossovers can generate a lot of speed if enough are done flying through the open ice. Being caught on the backfoot has got to be a treat for D-Men in the NHL.
  • Being able to customize the select buttons camera angle in CHEL. So when I hit the select button it goes into Action mode so I can get a better view before a shot, then transition back to overhead if I push select again.
  • It's monday now so I'm going to bump this in hopes that a developer see's this.
  • Agility seems to be on point but imo a larger discrepancy with acceleration/speed is important as well. Crossovers should maintain speed after a good hustle instead of losing it. Back skating acceleration seems far too fast as well considering how little strides are taken. Reaching top speed should be directly correlated…
  • It's not fun, is it? There's no argument there, we both can agree on that however quitting because things go sour is just poor sportsmanship, sad but true. In your case, I could see why quitting would be fine and dandy but I've seen plenty of folk leave games when it was close through and through only to leave because they…
  • I see your point crystal clear. People learning how to take the L on the chin from time to time is what hockey is all about, though. If they can't even do that then why even play the game... it's all part of the process of learning how to win.
  • Indeed it sucks when that happens but the way I see it if you're playing drop in solo and not with a group of friends you've signed up for the game knowing full well it has the potential to turn out that way. Still no reason to quit, imo.
  • I think the big issue is that backskating is too fast, I see guys skating backwards and gaining speed way too quickly at no cost of stamina, meanwhile the forward has to burn his stamina bar just to edge out a defender ever so slightly. Skating on the backfoot should never be comparable to skating forward, let alone…
  • This has happened to me on a lot of different occasions. I tried explaining this in an earlier thread but didn't have video proof, so glad you posted this man.
  • Yeah I have to agree, I play EASHL exclusively and I've moved away from guys with momentum, kept the puck away with the most body inbetween as possible while gliding and as a smaller 5'8 Dangler I find myself getting nudged on the backside by even the lightest of shoves and end up being stuck in stumble for so long that by…
  • [/quote]You also have the innate ability for a dman to poke through your legs on breakaways.....[/quote] Lol. This so much. AI with superhuman speed catches up with our breaking winger with a chance to tie the game up in the last seconds anddddd... the AI seems to whisper in his ear and he never gets a shot off. [/quote]…
  • The average person reacts to something within 15 frames, anything lower is a combination of reaction and prediction of habits. So I'd suggest you start there when it comes to computers reacting in modes like EASHL.
  • Hmm, pondering on it from last night and it isn't for everyone, sure but what about a matchmaking option that is "Prefer 6v6" or something along those lines. Right where you can choose a relaxed or strict search. That would be ideal for both sides of the field, I would think.
  • Yes and the reason it doesn't happen as often in real life is because defense positions themselves correctly... watching the player over the puck can help with that, you just gotta make sure you're in a position where if the cherry picker gets the puck you can keep him on the outside. A boost to catch upisn't "real life"…
  • I play EASHL exclusively. When a player is holding a puck there is no stick on body collision, you can literally spin around and have your stick fade through the opposing players legs while still maintaining the puck.
  • I'm not sure what it is exactly but I run a 93 acceleration and 90 speed built. From time to time I will have a few steps on a guy and be the first one sprinting. With a full bar of energy to burn the defender will somehow be faster than me... feels like I get punished for their mistake even though I should have a solid…
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