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  • If I may ask all of you here a question, do you want scoring chances to become more difficult so games are more lower scoring? [/quote] This question should not be asked in a forum with such a limited bias in responses possibly being used as feedback for development. I find this a huge problem. The game is supposed to be…
  • I played vs. It was equally bad in a different way Slower, much Pokecheck happy spam fest Only use top two lines Everyone uses same 5 teams Cannot custom change your lineup, for example if you like left handed on the left There really isn't one enjoyable mode on the disc. Do you hear anyone, I mean even one person…
  • Here's a link my ornament is now on eBay https://www.ebay.ca/itm/143027730955?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  • I turned my game disc into an Xmas tree topper by folding it and snapping it. Getting more enjoyment from my new ornament than playing. That's how I retired from EA 👌
  • silver cards aren't gold.
  • This is no longer a game but a software perversion. It belongs in the top 10 worse made games ever.
  • At first period check your opponents overalls to verify this consistency. Yes you will take a loss if you back out but it's worth it cuz the game is literally unplayable as you mentioned.
  • It's a fairness adjustment for having a stacked team. When you first posted I replied as your team gets better you will have a more difficult time. It's in the game lol. Don't believe me try a team full of 83 overalls problem solved. It's not your connection. You will only notice this when team overalls are in your favour…
  • @NHLDev Everyone understands the game design is sim and some randomness and presentation is fantastic and people quit easy so fairness needs to be there too. The longstanding players ie loyal customers, of this game for years have been complaining of all the stats being out Could you please explain why the game cannot be…
  • I knew you weren’t done checking the forums! LOL. I’m still looking for my first “fairness adjustment” in my favor. Or against me. So according to your logic if a great shooter takes a weak shot from a bad angle it should still go in if the goalie is low rated. Or something like that[/quote] No you are imaging scenarios…
  • So further, the "a lot more other context" should not portray the higher scope of the low teams abilities concurrent with portraying the lower scope of the higher teams abilities. It is clear now that this "other context" is improved in the first period drastically, lesser in the second period and removed in the third…
  • The way you are looking at the attributes isn't really correct. We don't take a goalies rating and look at it vs a shooters rating to determine if a save is made or not. Actually, EA you are handling this incorrect this is the way it should be. Both of their abilities are handled separately and a lot more context goes into…
  • Anyway, really tired of this game. Will not be checking anymore on the forum. Cheers all enjoy what you can.
  • As I said earlier I believe you must be a deke heavy player who doesn't pass much, except across the crease.
  • What division are you anyway?
  • It is unrealistic a 73 team would do well against a 90 team in real life too with very few exceptions if you want to bring reality into this discussion. I'm talking about a video game where the overalls are reflected by statistics which is portrayed by AI which does not match on a consistent basis. They consistently act…
  • I'm sure EA thinks they are building a fair game but they fail to realize all the effort people put into obtaining the cards. I've been saving 6 weeks already to get Gretzky as a silver icon because he has synergies I like and fits into my team especially as a 91 overall. Today I finally stopped this game because I see no…
  • I presume your style is not passing or positioning but rather one man dekeing. That alone would explain it.
  • Regarding some comments.... Pass assist. Kudos to going hardcore and not using it however there are 225000 players on ps4 alone. The game needs to work for all these players, not for a few thousand hardcore players. In the game I outlined above my dman was waiting at the point not moving. Aiming straight down with no…
  • Ok that was yesterday's mess. Now todays first game I get hooked up to a person with a similar team as mine. From early gameplay I can tell we are evenly matched. He is either a cautious player defensively or he immediately recognizes I like fast breakouts. So he takes his controlled player and turtles as much as possible.…
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