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  • I like it! Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree with this. I like how FIFA has their pro club system. I would add the ability to play as an “any” so you can control the CPUs
  • EASHL: 1) Quicker matchmaking times 2) Make Ais somewhat play hockey and not completely useless 3) Add a more competitive mode or make a bigger skill gap. Too many teams are being rewarded for terrible play and winning games. 4) Bring back the Cards from early NHLs (rookie, veteran, pro, all star, legend) so we can put the…
  • Exactly! Like a 70 Ovr goalie makes the same saves as a 90 I’ve goalie. Don’t even get me started on the EASHL cpu goalies....
  • Fix your poke checking...still garbage. What NHL player pokes the skates when intentionally trying to poke Check the puck? Ratings don’t even matter in this game. You can have 99 poke check and you’ll still won’t be able to poke anything even if it’s a loose puck. Poke checks are too sensitive. If you watch any kind of…
  • I definitely feel like they need to tweak it. Your player doesn’t even attempt to poke the puck in any loose puck situations unless no one is around. Same with the stick lifts. Back checking and the puck is on the same side as the your guys top hand and you can’t even lift his stick properly nor poke properly? Watch some…
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