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  • That's what i said but more of an "offensive but true" thread. I listed everything that wont be changed from gameplay to features. They took it down because you know im right
  • YEP. They got so **** offended that they took down my post. So I know im right that it's the same game and they can't handle the truth. Bunch of softies
  • So You are TELLING me that this graphic is the ONLY offer that one new Traits is unlockable through the entire season to forwards?! How bout offering some love to our Defensemen and Goaltenders with Traits. Any Specialties out there? Lets unlock a variety of traits and specialties during the season that are spread evenly…
  • PLAYOFFS: I still think that playoffs should be true to their word and offer an elimination style tournament that one loss - MAX of 2 - should declare your team out of the playoffs. Right now the current playoff system feels like another season race to obtain the most rep as possible and only benefits the teams that can…
  • nice! Can you elaborate on these new player types?
  • I agree and like your playoff suggestion, and this would be significant and get people the need to play in the EASHL when playoff time comes around. Personally, They can chose whichever they want as long as we don't need to do placement games. What's the point of ranking in the divisions during the regular season only to…
  • My “noticeable dip, or a dive off a very high mountain, was NHL 15 at the platform change from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox one. I would usually get 5 or 6 decent songs that I would like in the game every year and it would expand my horizons. I will personally agree with your statement that hockey is a Rock Sport, the high…
  • are we going to see an adjustment the fighting system? We have been throwing right hooks and uppercuts for 12 years! Honestly, the right arm is a little sore and my left arm is sick of being an anchor to some dude's shirt. It needs some love and be able to be involved in some hockey fighting. Real NHL players who fight use…
  • This is just the Presentation aspects of the EASHL 3v3/6v6 experience: A Live Club Room: When you join a club and select your club game select, your player assumes the uniform of the club you are associated with and other players get a preview of how their player will be presented on the ice and does some basic warmups.…
  • 1)- Line changes in EASHL. Just let us take three builds into the game, after 60-90 seconds you go to the bench. As I mentioned in a different thread, this might allow for Too Many Men penalties, so it would encourage smarter changes. -I have never seen line changes in the EASHL and I want to know your entire concept of…
  • Its thrash, Get rid of the bags and reward us with the stuff. skip the beating around the bush opening all the bags B>S!!!!
  • your main problem is drop in, find ppl to play with that wont do this through request to join a team or discord. Drop in games are a lazy, stripped down version of what EASHL NHL games captured in NHL 09-14
  • sorry i don't think they will do this for next years game because it doesn't interest the casual gamer to download or upload the stats of each game they play and it only would apply to your league captains or officials. Even though I agree it would be a interesting feature but how many casual players would want to download…
  • Your problem is: I play 3v3 drop-ins 100% Solution: NONE, Suck it up buttercup
  • 1. Don't play Drop in. These are meaningless games where we are playing in **** White and Black sweatshirts now in an outdoor rink in the middle of nowhere space. You cant even wear an NHL uniform in drop in or play in a stadium even though they call it "NHL". 2. "Blame the goalie game" - so typical of you to blame a game…
  • or have the goalies have adaptive AI and react better to the same shot or pass
  • I would like to see if the game will go as far as raising the minimum players to 3 human players for 6's and 3's. It would force some interesting changes
  • WORLD OF CHEL\EASHL 1. Drop Ins with 3’s and 6s using your Created Online Skater • Indoor Arena with full NHL, AHL, etc. Team select with full crowd that will react as they would in an NHL game. The outdoor arena seems boring, isolated, and too quiet. We expected to play in a football stadium with a hockey rink within it…
  • I just want to have the view from the penalty box removed
  • What would be your solution? I find it harder to find players that are willing to play with someone new
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