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  • That makes sense, as it isn't a cross generation game like Madden.
  • Yeah, that would be nice to know. The way they setup Madden and FIFA suggests they aren't doing cross generation play. Now that being said NHL not having a next gen version might make it different. The other thing I have read, and not to get into the console war debate, but Sony has little interest in doing cross…
  • I was wondering that as well, the way I read it is that we will be getting a reveal trailer at the end of August. They didn't mention anything in regards to a beta, so if there is one I am guessing it will happen in September.
  • Let's hope NHL 22 isn't another NHL 15, and let's hope that NHL 21 is another NHL 14.
  • Unfortunately this isn't surprising. Hopefully the work they have done on the gameplay and me game modes make up for this not being a next gen title. It's frustrating because I am sure the people at EA Vancouver are doing the best they can with the resources they have, it's just to bad that EA as a whole doesn't take this…
  • Customization options are of such little importance that's not really worth discussing. We should talking about customization after gameplay issues are resolved, after game modes such as be a pro, franchise, world of chel, GM connected are improved or brought back. Let's stop wasting time on things that don't matter and…
  • My guess is that Covid-19 is the reason for the delay. All that has been said is the the game will be released in EA's 3rd quarter which is between October and December. Which wasn't even a official anouncement, it was from a financial report conference call.
  • I will be getting the XSX when it comes out, and if NHL21 isn't available for the new console I probably won't be getting NHL21. I am not trying to sound threatening or anything just stating facts. I want to support the series I have played since '93. I know that if it isn't coming to the next gen consoles that it isn't EA…
  • UFC4 won't be a next gen game, and they are even sure if it be backwards compatible to play on the new consoles. Not a good sign for NHL 21 which is made in the same studio as UFC. Add in the fact that the NHL series has never launched for new consoles the year the consoles launch. Even the debacle that was NHL15 was a…
  • Load times are going to be much better. The biggest thing IMO, is that have probably gone as far as they can with the Ignite engine and need to switch to the Frostbite engine to be able to take full advantage of the next gen console. I am optimistic that it will happen this year, but my gut is telling that it won't. The…
  • 1. GM Connected. 2. Make WoC more of an MMO. Have a lobby where you can walk your character around, maybe have a store front where you can purchase gear, have Pro Hockey Life or SportChek sponsor it. Players can level up through game play. I would also like to see skates and sticks have bonus effects to your skills, and…
  • The more I think about it, I think that NHL 21 will be playable on next gen, it just won't be optimized for the next gen consoles.
  • My guess is that the reveal will be at the draft lottery on the 26th. I am also guessing there won't be a next gen version, which will pretty much kill off the series. I know I won't be buying it if it isn't on the XSX. Expect a carbon copy of NHL20. It will be NHL15 all over again, and I am not certain that the franchise…
  • This is easily the most exciting bit of news to come out about NHL 19 yet. The scouting and fog of war looks great. I am leaning more towards buying the game now, but I still want to see some Be a Pro news.
  • As an offline player I am still waiting to hear or see any kind of info on Franchise or Be a Pro modes. I know that there have been some vague info on scouting and little hints about Be a Pro, but nothing yet that has me excited for the game. The beta was fun, but I don't really enjoy the online modes, the 1's mode was…
  • I like everything that I am hearing about the game play aspects, I just wish they would show actual game play. These cinematic trailers do nothing to show off the changes of the game. I am most likely going to get the game, I would just like to know more about what I am getting before I put the money down to pre order it.
  • I forget which article it was but one of the articles that came out right after the trailer was released stated that there wasn't any major changes to the Be a Pro mode. Yeah they updated the skating, but that wasn't the major issue with Be a Pro, things like progression and training were much bigger issues. So if they…
  • In one article I read they said something about Be a Pro being similar to FIFA'd Be a Pro, so I downloaded a trial of FIFA to try it out. The progression in that game is an improvement on what NHL 18 had, but it still has plenty of issues. They way you level up your ratings is by completing in game challenges, for example…
  • I must have missed it in the game Informer article the first couple of times I read, but sure enough it is in there. I just skipped through the customization and World of CHEL stuff previously because it held no appeal to me personally, can't say that I will ever play that mode. It's nice to hear that it won't be…
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