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  • I really think EA should make players that rags the puck loose all their momentum and give some of it to the forecheckers so it penalizes to rag it unrealisticly
  • One-timers are more op than ever, circle around in the corner is just as dumb as ever, no use trying to hit someone in defensive zone because most of the times I try to hit someone in defensive zone I almost always gets scored on. Goalies seems horrible bad and gameplay seemed awkward even though it might be something to…
  • It would be much better if it wasn't for those forced cross creased 24/7 across in the goalies blue zone, that those goals can happen that often is just bad There is a reason why not so great players always tries them because they are as simple as it can get to score
  • Wow, I just lost to someone with worse team than mine... that must mean there is something wrong with the game code
  • Better players doesn't buy you the victorys, it increases your chances. If you can't win with a 95 overall team then you will lose with a 87 overall team as well So basically if you already have a great team then you need to polish your skills so they become great too and you will win almost every game. I guarantee Great…
  • Doesn't matter if you have 3,4 or 5 star team. Some days are just not your days. You just get slapped harder with less stars. And I wonder if synergies does any good on high rated cards since +2 is quite petite on a player that already has +97 Does anyone with a 5 star team notice any difference?
  • This game is anything but fair
  • If you guys played 16 they excluded more stats on upgraded cards than they do now, the upgrades where better just not as good as you imagined when you bought it for tons of pucks where the value was overrated to the extend that many felt it was just fine to play with solid basecards. It's exactly like that with synergys,…
  • How, I loose the puck on the left side and the right defenseman hardly responds when opponents hugs the board on the opposite side and I often have problem choosing him since others are closer and someone with 99 speed crosses the blue lines in 2.5 seconds It's just like when you have 1-3-1 and someone goes on the left…
  • It only works if you outplay someone with miles, if you can do that you are a lot better than the average division 1 player. I find it superhard when someone with +95 shooting can constantly score on me with wrist or slappers from the blueline even when I lock them out from coming close to my goalie while they can protect…
  • Well that's how you improve, play against better players and take what works against you and use it against someone else to win. You will not get better if you never have to improve
  • Ice cream, driving licence, cinema, anything except this game atm. Personally I never played nhl as bad as it is right now.
  • As long as there are players that are willing to pay real money to win games this will not happen
  • Mine was not counterable it was 2 min left and he spammed draw and withdraw the goalie and drew 2 tripping penaltys. After that the game bugged at the first face off and connection was lost and it was like the game never happened
  • I had this problem last night too and I have it recorded, how do I send EA the proof.? After a day I still havent got an answear from admin, do they read their mails?
  • I don't think I ever meet someone in div 1 with low attribute team that doesn't deservs to be there skill wise, all of them is annoyingly good at avoid getting hit otherwise they wouldn't constantly overcome much better teams while there is plenty with of star teams that you wounder **** they are doing in highest division.
  • It makes absolutely no sense that EA would punish you for buying their cards
  • It's a pay to win game, AI will constantly give the player with highest attributes on his team unfair advantage that has nothing to do with skills There is a lot to be said why you always seems to lose in 3rd period and why you always seems to get penaltys when your opponents does not The short answear is that EA wants to…
  • There was actually someone in your team that though it was a great idea to bump the goalie before the shot happened and game can't decide if the goalie is out of position or not. You just can't take the shot and score if someone in your team disturbs him
  • Just no Puck bounces like crazy, sometimes not even a Lamborghini wouldn't catch up with the puck when it randomly goes in an unsuspected way Losing to players that hardly don't know how to aim, do face offs or make a manual hit They make this game more noob friendly and pay to win than it's ever been Last year I was close…
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