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  • More awesomeness from the PS4 drop-in community! 2 goalies clearly more interested in being empty nets... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1040917270?t=00h00m34s
  • I feel ya. I have good example of the behavior they allow right here... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1028796075?t=00h00m35s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1024424321?t=00h00m06s
  • Empty net hockey is real thing tho. When you don't have goalie in an open skate, people usually turn the net around and you have to score by banking off the end boards. Another way we used to play was that only post shots were worth a goal. I'm not advocating being a booster, but just like the trolls, there will always be…
  • I'm hoping that through this discussion people are starting to see the harm it does to have RP connected to a open ice environment. You're creating an environment where your players are all too guarded against losing RP so they feel the need to try to control the outcome. This manifest in lots of different ways, none of…
  • I think this is the wrong attitude for Drop-Ins. Drop-In should be a place people can go to play without stress, be able to experiment and try new things and they shouldn't be discriminated against by a community of people that take things a bit too seriously. You have to play with what you get or get a team together and…
  • That's because the AI plays hockey, 99% of the drop-in player base does not. I would play with 5 AI against 6 humans every day if I could. In fact, I challenge any 6 humans to take me on with 5 AI. We'll humble you right quick. =P
  • If you play enough Drop-Ins, it becomes pretty clear that a large part of the player base wants to dictate who they play with or against. Just give them what they want and add lobbies. Let people see the games and players avail to play, send challenges and such. More like what you had going on PC in 2007.
  • This is in the film room, I supposed I should make videos, but here's another one... This one is designed around training your DSS. - Use a face-off dot for a marker and skate past it from various angles - As you are skating past the dot, make it your mission to pass the blade of your stick through the dot using your DSS -…
  • Might even be cool to be able to place down cones and pucks to setup some drills. Pass spawners - Place and set facing direction, press RT to call for a pass from it Shot Spawners - Place, set facing, shot speed, spacing between shots, random or aimed
  • 1) Head into a free skate with 'Auto Backskate' off - I use an overhead cam, always skating up 2) Using the center circle for a guide, position your player at 12' 3) Practice skating around the circle while always facing up - This requires a combination of skating with with and without LT held 4) One you master #3, now…
  • In relation to this, kick anyone who starts a fight within seconds of the opening face-off. It is already clear at that point what their purpose is; give them a game misconduct and get rid of them.
  • Open the mics up for everyone on the ice, not just your team. Add a mute opponents team option if you never want to hear them. We already have individual mutes to take care of those odd bad apples. Trash talking is a part of sport. Positional 3D audio for all players would be optimal, but probably not realistic for a patch.
  • Something needs to be done about people ruining games, before they tackle people who quit. Too many valid reasons for a quit atm.
  • I have a 1UP for this. I'd love a Pro Lobby/Game Mode. This mode would remove all auto actions, so Auto Back Skate is forced off, Pass Aim Assist is forced to 0 and the auto poke is disabled(force full DSS use). All player builds would be identical so the game is fully in the hands of the people playing. I don't care about…
  • It is worth referencing Rocket League for how they handle casual vs competitive play... With casual play they have: - Drop-in/Drop-out gameplay - Still earn points towards a local "rank" which solely ties into rewards/unlockables, but has nothing to do with your competitive ranking - Point system is a positive event based…
  • I think you're all insane. The game is actually pretty awesome now. People just don't know how to control their skaters very well because they are bad players that refuse to adapt to new control methods. The only thing ruining Drop-Ins/EASHL is people.
  • Quit pre-programming what you are going to do. When you're on a 2 on 2 and the 2 defenders go to play the pass, and your lane to the net is wide open, don't pass into the double team. There is is no rule that says you have to pass to a player that is further up the ice than you are so when you are open on your wing and…
  • Here's one for the devs, how to build a better drop-in experience: When you figure it out, don't post the system to your forums so players don't get an early start on trying to figure out how to game your system.
  • When scrambling in front of your net for the puck, first priority is to get it out from in front of your net. So if you can tap it to the corner or side boards, always do so before thinking about skating with it. Always force your opponent to the outside.
  • I'm all for options. Or maybe it's NHL rules & ice for EASHL and Olympic rules & ice for Drop-Ins.
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