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  • Get the powerplays back to EASHL 3vs3. Too many teams just wiggle forward with that ridiculous puck protection where you have the puck basically 180 degrees around your body. Their only goal is to try to bait you into taking a tripping penalty that now awards a penalty shot. It's easy but annoying to defend, and scoring…
  • Add a time penalty for teams in EASHL leaving the lobby or quitting a game before win/loss can be registered. After beating the same team a couple of times (or even once), they won't agree to a rematch that they are likely to lose. Feels like every time we are trying to find a match, the first five teams quit the lobby,…
  • Stop making decisions for me. When i'm trying to intercept a pass, why on earth does the AI do a poke check on my behalf. I don't press the poke check button, i don't want to poke check, so don't god damn poke check! Same goes for skating. I hate when AI takes control of my player when i'm waiting for a pass. Especially…
  • The face-off tie-up: The face-off tie-up has been bugging me forever. We do tons of goals in EASHL with a set-up play using the tie-up, but it has to be fixed. I'm not even sure that play is allowed in the NHL. In international play you need to play the puck before the man. When have you ever seen a face-off when the other…
  • I agree. Totally idiotic update that has taken the most fun out of my new favorite game mode. And I'm not saying that because we've lost because of it, because we haven't. Heck, we just ended our day ranked 1st on the EASHL leaderboards. And I don't mean to brag either, just pointing out that even people who dominate with…
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