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  • I was wrong they did teach the AI how to use it. They just don't use it on the lower skill levels. All Star the AI busted out the defensive stick. I went nuts on the mic lol. I see them using it on the forwards and the defense good job.
  • Notice they added a nice new long hair style... looks great =)
  • I usually only stop by around release time. I see my EA account was reset this year again for the fifth time in 30 years LOL. Nice to be recognized kappa.
  • Just imagine having authentic arena playlists ;) Maybe a spotify deal? LOL Grasping at straws here... Seriously though having the authentic music play between whistles etc can really make the difference in the audio. I remember when pump up the jam came on everyone sat up... Plus I love choosing my own home goal music =)…
  • Wasn't Warfield working on NBA After NHL and he actually did just fine with NHL for the most part. Speaking of which I see EA NBA is value priced and I'm seriously considering it since 2K still has the worst netcode on the planet and even with millions of dollars won't fix or change it. Sure if I was buying NBA for just…
  • I wish lol and imagine one with quick menus so everyone didn't HATE it lol
  • Just a slight oversight. There should be sub button in these specialty teams menu. I bet there is a typo on that line or something preventing it from showing up in specialty teams LOL.
  • TIP: Quick shot release is very good this year. I find the game a little quicker in general and had to adapt a bit. That and Im old as dirt so I started focusing on quicker shots wow what a difference. I still end up fanning a bit because I think the game wants a quicker release in general now. Seems like the time to lose…
  • Oh it can help but since a desync can be caused from a bug in the game you need to write down what mode and what was happening in the game before it was caused. Can you reproduce it? If so writing down the steps to reproduce it and the conditions that it requires will help them isolate the issues that are related to the…
  • Not quite sure who you mean but I think they just had a data mismatch between the physical and digital that one year. There have been several glitches that have been known to de sync the game too. That said there could be one that made it through QA this year effecting people. I've only been doing drop ins which restrict…
  • I will be very honest the CPU was butchering me pretty good on ALL-Star in Threes. I ended up training to the penalty box trying to dive and block shots haha. Just wait until EA teaches the AI how to use the defensive stick. Hopefully for NHL 19 they will know how and when to use it and we can relax the arbitrary…
  • There was a single issue with a digital build of the game one year that was actually DE syncing on release but it was fixed quickly. The de sync can be caused by different matching data or network related issues. Ironically both can effect each other in this case heh.
  • EA made a huge mistake not keeping their Portfolio on STEAM. I have not used Origin since SimCity and the fact I had to do a chargeback on a horribly broken game. EA now has refund policy since then but even with all the free games and deals I couldn't be bothered with Origin. Time is money and I don't have time for…
  • As someone who doesn't play Franchise or BAP until official rookie rosters are released with all or most players I'm curious is the CHL still in Franchise mode? I actually really enjoyed playing CHL with my rookies to boost them up. Please tell me this isn't an issue or it will be resolved quickly and fixed. Thing like…
  • Good info there "- Fixes to animations where goalie's glove and blocker were coming up during butterfly slides." Looks like that fix brought a new bug. I didn't do the beta this year. I just wasn't feeling it. I did the last two and submitted feedback that just went right under the rug so decided why bother. In fact I…
  • I clicked square but it doesn't let me choose from any lines but the current specialty teams? It's not supposed to be like this. There should be a substitute option on the special teams like any other line. I'm going to go check and see if I can actually bring up the other lines after using square like some have reported.…
  • You need to be more specific. What mode etc and what happened on the ice before the desync occurred?
  • Need to find out more about these licensing fiascos with the CHL.
  • So much passion Kappa. Seriously though I would work for free and bring back 3 star selection and add a nice pregame lag check skate for EASHL and a few other awesome goodies. I would also remove pausing once a game is live ;) Oh and a proper small scoreboard be nice that doesn't overlap my entire screen. How about real…
  • Trust me its better to have an OP poke check then one that is underperforming or ghosting through pucks. We've been down that road before and lets hope we never return. Defensive stick right now is perfect and I mean perfect. I can almost feel the puck when using it properly.

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