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  • where's catfish and rainbow to tell you how great this game is and that you just suck at it? figured they would've been the first to respond
  • (Quote) I personally would rather get a random rare gold player that I can sell over a loan player that I can use for 5-10 games and then have to just set aside since there’s no set to put them in
  • And not for nothing, but the game is still trash on many many levels, the only real difference is the skating. The only way to go from the past couple years was up so for them to make the slightest improvement after 4 years of hot garbage doesn’t w…
  • (Quote) Short side wrister can still be scored automatic lol Jesus Christ do you and catfish even play this game or do you literally just sit on the forums the whole time
  • Also as far as “no one has any idea how hard it is to program and make a flawless game” They’ve been at this same franchise for over 20 years, they've had 5 years on the current gen to get it right and then never even attempt to fix the broken part…
  • Yes thank you ear for not removing any of the exploit goals that have plagued the game for years. Thank you for never updating your servers so they are at least somewhat stable. Thank you for never getting the defensive aspect of the game right an…
  • (Quote) Probably not, EA seems to like to not allow you to play the auction house with upgraded or traded set cards this year lol
  • (Quote) That's what happened to me and Hall lol I had a Taylor Hall, decided I wanted coins instead, sold him (don't remember off hand what I sold him for) did the trade up and got a Taylor Hall right back haha
  • (Quote) Bewbies would make it a lot better....devs, take notes!!!!
  • (Quote) Where? The only set I’ve seen is the one for Naslund and Thornton. If I try to throw the loaners into a gold player set or anything it doesn’t go through and there’s no other loaner sets
  • (Quote) I hate EA, I hate a lot of things about this game, but they did the right thing with HUT this year. There’s a lot of ways to make coin so you don’t have to spend money, doing the trade sets is a good way to get good players, like I got Mal…
  • https://www.dsogaming.com/news/electronic-arts-is-using-dynamic-difficulty-adjustments-in-multiple-games-proposes-to-get-rid-fair-matchmaking/ there is the article with screen shots showing DDA.
  • (Quote) They literally have it published somewhere that they implement DDA in their games lol it was brought up on a thread like midway through NHL18. So try again.
  • (Quote) Did NBA really get the budget tho? I know it’s a bigger fan base, but there isn’t the fan base for the live games because 2k kills them and they still got it
  • (Quote) I’ve been on plenty of big win streaks especially last year, we had plenty of 25+ game win streaks, but even in those streaks we would still give up bad goals or barely squeak by on the win with them catching random goals. We used to play …
  • (Quote) Pretty sure it was NHL 11. The thing is too they used to have limits on the players. Like I think the top was 110 games for their career. Made the auction house better too because people would trade UT cards where they wouldn’t add power…
  • (Quote) I hope that they put up sets to get rid of them man I really don’t use any of my players lol even the 90 overall loaners I don’t put on my squad
  • (Quote) Yea the return bonus packs and pre order packs were a complete bust for me too. I really wish they allowed us to trade in loan players to the set because I have absolutely no use for them and can’t auction them lol
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