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  • Anyone with any authority or inside information wanna comment on this? The PC audience has waited more than a decade for a title. Edit- I should mention that I typed this comment on my PC, because it has a keyboard.
  • Just wanted to thank EA, "Worst Company in America" two-time winner for ignoring the massive PC market for the ELEVENTH STRAIGHT YEAR when it comes to the NHL franchise. Every post I see here or the EA Answers forum is something petty and stupid- "Oh, I can't do a group celebration! I can't get neon purple skate laces!…
  • You've got it better than the PC audience, who literally can't play.
  • Seems like the obvious answer would be to expand to another platform.
  • Have you seen the guys who play in the Madden tournaments who have a pair of ear buds as well as over-the-ear headphones? That always struck me as silly. {EA_Lanna: edited out derailment}
  • You seem to be placing an awful lot of faith in EA's ability to gauge the potential player base. I'm not sure why, because the surveys for the NHL games they put out only go to the players who bought the game already (single use URL emailed to you). This is the corporation that won "Worst Company in America" two years in a…
  • What about the huge contingent of players that are PC exclusive, like me? There are millions of PC gamers that don't own a PS4 or Xbone. That's a completely untapped market, with no competition for EA.
  • How massive is the player base? There are more active Steam profiles than Xbox Live, for a start. There are enough players to warrant EA porting Madden and FIFA. PC software outsold consoles by a billion dollars two years ago (if my memory serves). PC is the most ubiquitous platform on the planet, and has been around…
  • What is EA doing to gauge the interest of the massive player base they've been shafting for a decade? They send out surveys asking people what improvements they want to see in their games, except there's one vital flaw- You had to have purchased the game in order to get a single-use URL to take the survey.
  • I like how I had to hear from a user on this forum that Madden was finally on PC, and not by way of EA themselves. Here's a recent article that has an EA "creative director" saying NHL will come to PC "if there is enough demand" -…
  • Serious question- Who's listening and how do we get in touch with them? I've never had anything from EA other than cold indifference {EA_Lanna: removed discussion of moderation}

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